The most farfetched experience i've ever had

A few years ago I was in my backyard doing some active meditation and practicing martial arts. The next thing I know, all manor of creature began fleeing in one direction. I saw birds, squirrels, and cats all fleeing. So I decided to take shelter at the doorway to the backyard. Then I notice in the near distance a strange lightning bolt. However, I heard no thunder even though I saw it clear as day strike within a quarter of a mile from where I was. The next thing which happened was it suddenly began to rain. However, it began to rain so much that I have never seen so much water fall so suddenly. After a few minute the rain stopped and it was sunny again. Then I decided to go lay down on the sofa and meditate deeper on what I just experienced.

Just as I was entering a meditative state I saw a being of light with my own two eyes enter the room from the backdoor. It was bright white shining light in a humanoid form. Then to my left I saw into the dark expanse and beheld a certain fellow whom I know who is also a sorcerer. I saw the sorcerer to my left do some motions with his hands and utter some speech. Then suddenly I became terrified at the light and thought it might be a projection from some government satellites. I snarled and growled inhumanly at the light and then it turn and walked out of the back door again.

Next I heard a voice speak to me and I saw someone I knew online who called himself an enchanter. He said to me, “What’s wrong man you don’t recognize your own brother?” Then suddenly I knew the light being who appeared to me was Jesus Christ. Then I became sad because of how I responded to the him. But angels appeared and comforted me and showed their flaming swords to me. Then I felt Jesus Christ with me again and he spoke to me innerly.

Then as I meditated the being in white took my spirit through time and space and I saw long before the earth or even before there were suns. I saw a great black leviathan flying through space. It was very long and had powerful skin and scales like plates of armor in some places. I floated with the light being who I knew was Jesus as we observed the leviathan. Then Jesus went over to the leviathan and touched it on the forehead. Suddenly a great light burst within the creatures head and light shown very brightly. When that occurred, it were as though I was through from the leviathan and I felt myself racing through space until I found the Earth in it’s unformed state. Then I beheld the Earth form and I watched all the civilizations on the Earth.

After my vision of the leviathan and the Earth, for the next twenty four hours I heard his voice speaking to me, even after I went to bed. I felt it was Jesus’ voice. He told me everything I ever wanted to know and would want to know about myself, humanity, human history, philosophy, and everything. Then the next day a different voice came to me and spoke for another period of twenty four hours. When the second voice came I knew it was Enki and he spoke to me and shared with me histories and opened his heart to me. Enki was very bitter and had a deep sorrow and anger in him. Then the third day a different voice came to me who was like a roaring tiger. The third voice roared ferociously but I understood words when he roared. He was also very anger but very excited unlike Enki who was sad. Each voice told me about their perspective of the Earth’s history. I don’t remember very much of the experience because it was so much happening at once. Everything I wanted to know they shared with me.