The most effective and powerful method of reprogramming the subconscious

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We all know affirmations, visualizations, etc … but something tells me there has to be an even more effective method.
What do you think is the most effective and powerful way to reprogram our subconscious? How about magic? Spirit or Spell? What helped you? I have no money for some hypnotherapy.


Go for the path of smoke

The reason you form your identity before your 7 years old is because you mind is operating in a theta brainwave state. After 7/8 y/o you fall out of this capacity EXCEPT just before falling asleep and just before waking state in the mornings.

I’ve found falling asleep to motivational videos or positive knowledge and affirmation videos (not repetitive annoying ones but like actual informative ones) has done great wonders. Then setting the video to play as your alarm clock in the morning as well does wonders in reprogramming your mind.

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Here, this one’s my favorite


trance work


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Thank you @Undying.Embers

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Cognitive behavioral therapy…also techniques for treating PTSD…by no means done, but alot has been bought to light…Talking and self observation.

Make a sigil to bring______ to light to understand a root of behavior…once u see it, its no longer locked in the subconscious or unconscious mind; and no longer controls u