The most difficult spell ever

Are love spells the most difficult magick to perform? If a Mage can perform a love/lust spell on anyone with success then he could perform any other type of Magick like a Master?

It comes down to the person already having interest in you.

If it’s lust or they really like you, then the spell can be done with ease as long as you follow up with your actions.

If the target has moral conditioning of any sort things get harder.

Love magick is NOT difficult to perform.

In my opinion, the only difficulty stems from people not managing their expectations as to what love magick can actually accomplish.

Instead of casting for the girl next door, or the boy down the block, people resort to spells to land Emma Watson or some Instagram celebutante who they have never met in person, and then complain they don’t work because they didn’t show up at their door.


Not really just anyone. You need the right conditions and put some work in. For instance, if it’s someone far you’ve never met, you’ll need a connection with them, through interaction before you can cast but it’s easier with someone closer and no need for that close nit interaction, at least from my experience.

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Respectfully disagree here.

All of my love spells (with the exception of the time I got my ex back just so I could dump him) have been to bring me someone suitable for me. Not a specific person, let alone a celebrity.

What do I get? Crickets. Or, occasionally, some creep my dad’s age refusing to take a hint.

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