The Morriganic Path


I’m going to keep my notes, lessons and teachings of her path here, as I have been called back through various omens, such as runes and Ogham symbols in the bread at my job, her energy manifesting around me, etc. Lots of changes.



Ooo I’m excited for this actually!


So I did a reading with some new wisdom cards I bought. I asked what would come of working with Morrigan again. Here’s what I drew for myself. The deck is shaman themed (I’m a shamanic witch, if labels help you)


Elk has to do with Stamina, Power, Speed. It encourages to take care of your physical realms while also your spiritual. It also suggest balance in that respect. It helps re-establish your connection with your divine and personal nature and with Mother Earth. It also gives the missing peices to the puzzle.

Hematite is the Warrior Stone (Morrigan is a warrior goddess and more)

It is the stone that grounds, stabilizes and reconnects you. It protects you and focuses your abilities. Invention and creativity is happening at this time.

Sweetgrass travels to the Great Spirit. It brings forth all that is good. Expansion of communication and intention. Elevates you from the physical to the spiritual. From the profane to the sacred. Pay attention to dreams. Reduction of stress and anxiety.

The way I see this is that she is here to help me establish my “physical kingdom” so to speak. But to also help me make sure I dont become lost in it either. To help me find focus and balance and to tune into the warrior within and to find control. To elevate into the divine. Into the light I deserve.

Sound right to y’all too? @JezebelleMoon @Alita @Lady_Eva @Arcane @Aluriel


Sounds exciting. The morrigan was always a facinating entity for me.


I love her so much. I worked with her before. It was such an adventure.


Did I ever show you the song she sent me?


No you didnt




That sounds right.


I agree, that balance and not getting lost is, I think, your challenge here. To become a warrior without being, yourself, conqeured by that which you fight for.


Right. Warrior here also seems to be multifaceted.

But I’ve had to go back into being spiritual but now I need to learn how to be in both.


Sounds like a total platitude but :

Remember, you can only grow as tall, as your roots are deep.



True. Strong foundation.


Hematite can also be a very strong banishing agent, like selenite is a powerful cleansing one.

I think this will definetly be good for you :slight_smile:


Isn’t hematite one of her stones too?


Technically all black stones represent Badb who is death and rebirth.
I’d say she is a protector to the Warrior, so it seems to tie into what you’re seeing.


The altar for her is very active.


Sorcery is a form of interference. Interference is a form of trickery. Thus the trickster is the archetypal sorcerer. For the longest you have told yourself and others you are a trickster-destroyer god. But Godhood is limitless. To label is to streamline yourself and consequently, your power. While you are these things, I suggest expanding more on them.
~ The Morrigan.


Warriorship is a choice. One of the most prominent features, is their mastery of self and consequently, the world around them and even fate. Choose to make choices of power. Choose to make the right choice.
~ The Morrigan.


A warrior must focus his attention on the link between himself and his death . . … He must let each of his acts be his last battle on earth. Only under those conditions will his acts have their rightful power.