The moon

In the traditional tarot the moon is about deception, illusion, dreams, subconscious etc…

Now I’ve been using lenormand tarot. They call that a tarot but it’s actually an oracle. In this deck the moon is about leadership, fame, power, high position etc. A meaning that I have never heard about in the traditional tarot.

This leads me to wonder where do the meanings of the cards come from? Doesn’t it come from the collective consciousness? If so, how could the same symbol (moon for example) have completely different meanings depending of the decks?


It’s all in the associations…

Or you could be like me and instead of paying attention to the generally accepted meanings, choosing to feel it out on a case-by-case basis. After doing quite a few readings this way, each of the cards kinda follows patterns in meanings. I use a classic Smith-Waite deck, and some of the cards that I get often seem to have very different meanings from what most people consider them to mean, but then again the meanings vary case-by-case.


@Anziel_Merkaba yes that’s what I try doing, I try to discover the meaning of the cards by keeping logs of the experiences I’ve had with them but how do you explain that the same card can have completely different meaning depending of the person? This has nothing to do with collective consciousness then?

I feel that it’s more the disparity between the collective consciousness and the limitations of a card-based divination system. Really, Tarot just takes any latent divination ability you may have and (in a manner of fashion) guides it your awareness, so technically, you can do divs without any div tools.

Let me phrase it this way, a standard Tarot deck has 78 cards in it, each card has many meanings, but all the meanings are somewhat vague. When doing a div for a specific thing, your latent ability pulls the true answers from the ‘mostly right’ answers that the cards give you. Because some cards have many meanings, some meanings are a fair amount different from the others. It’s why I prefer to read in the moment instead of memorising hundreds of meanings for all the cards.


use the high priestess for the moon

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@lustmagick yeah that’s what I thought. Nothing to do with fame, power etc…

@Anziel_Merkaba I see, and I know you can do divination without any card. I wish I could!

A method that was brought to my attention again recently which can help in understanding subconscious language with tarot is to simply picture in the mind you shuffling a deck and drawing a card. Doesnt have to be a version of it from any specific deck. You can do whole spreads this way also.

Write down what comes up, feelings, symbols, thought, ideas, what is on the card. You could even draw it to deepen the connection to the symbols that arise. This opens up a pathway for you to communicate with your own subconscious as its language is symbolism. Which can then be taken into ritual and used to communicate a desired manifestion through your own personal symbolism.


@Dinmiatus interesting, and you do that all in your mind with absolutely zero support?

Lately no, my current work is mostly out of and shoot off of black magic of ahriman which has its own methods for divination i have been exploring.

The method itself works i did it for a time when i was doing it in place of daily tarot mediations for awhile with interesting results. My note taking wasnt the best at that yime though. Something ive been working on.

Um have no idea what your talking about???

@lustmagick I meant to me the meaning of the moon is closer to high priestess and has nothing to do with the lenormand interpretation which talks about fame, power etc

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