The moon phases and the elements

Do the magical elements operates according to the moon phases? Fire for instance is the element of change, so I use fire in waxing moon to for instance make a girl creating a dating profile and waning moon to make her delete her dating profile?
I ask because I want to understand magick better.

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I work with the moon phases but I never consider associating elements to the phases. Personally, I associate the moon itself with water. But ig you can use the properties of the other elements to enhance your workings.

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It is interconnected, but Im not sure as simple as that. In the Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune, which is a textbook primer on magic itself, states that the cycles of life, as say a farmer views the seasons, and his cause and effect, yes there is a cycle that connects with a moon phase, and inevitable these are correspondences of elements. So the answer is probably yes.

I would recommend getting a physical copy of Agrippas Three Books of Occult Philosophy and start by looking at the charts themselves, then go start reading; also Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune and really try to understand what she is getting at in descriptions of the sephiroth.

Indeed the moon phases work that way (waxing-create, waning-delete) although in general and not just “elementally”. The creation of the profile may also correspond to air, this one being the element of communication.

I have associated it with fire because fire is action. Creating a profile is action motivated by will or desire. Air is associated with the mind.