The moon mantra, killing someone with it

I have been chanting the moon mantra as part of my balance of the Vedic astrology chart. Suddenly all the conclusions came to my head someone hate me and can’t listen to reason or logic he won’t to destroy me. This person existence made me suffer from illnesses our arguments everything about him this target stealing my energy he is making my heart heavy he won’t even listen pure hatred. Been chanting it for 2 days now I don’t feel hatred I don’t feel like I’m fake I actually feel blessing and completely healthy after I’m thinking on him disappear no fake I know it’s hard to believe but I feel genuinely piece. The more I think about him not in my life anymore the more I feel as if it’s white Magic. In fact I feel as if the mantra the single them selves my balanced self want him out of my life it’s like the universe and the stars them selves have pulled it out of my unsubconscious. This person made my life a living hell Every time I’m trying to get him to change and listen to logic I fail miserably. There is no mercy anymore I feel that I’m doing the right think. The black and white thing is over I feel as if the black moon is talking to me and making me feel how healthy I would have become without this individual in my life. There is no conversation that I haven’t tried. I will say that again he won’t change he hate me purely. Never felt or had this before it’s like I have no hatred nothing just a desire to destroy him. I don’t even feel toxic I feel empowered and blessed I’m done with the sympathy and a day or two after he is stabbing me in the back. I’m done with his energy games I’m going to fully commit now I will find a way to destroy him even tho I have no hatred just peace when thinking how he is gone into nothing and complete darkness


Oh my god yesterday that person lost his consciousness and became confused he fell on the ground but never died … what a shame. I need to empower that mantra more. Like for a minute so it wasn’t that serious


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I’d ‘heart’ this post but killing someone is a serious thing to do. I know awful people who are stuck in your life can make it awful though. Especially when they’re your perfect kind of awful, but this person you’re talking about sounds awful in general.

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Unfortunately he is full of hatred he has no willingness to change and I can’t disconnect from him I’m stuck couple of years with this individual I do agree it’s sounds awful and inconvenient but this person causing me hell of pain I feel not only cursed but physically cursed he is making me sick in every possible way and I can’t leave my apartment for now. I need him out of my life I gave him too many chances my heart and the moon made me reach to this conclusions with him I will just suffer more. This individual draining my energy and he is projecting things that I never thought was possible. Ever since I started chanting this mantra the universe gave me signs that I can’t reason with him. I’m sorry but yea… I feel peace when he is in the dark I feel blessed moral and black and white thing and my decision of giving him karma is because all of those years of pain of my energy getting stolen. There is no anyway out of this other then this. I tried all protection spells nothing really work… am I feeling empathy for him? Absolutely not it’s like physical abuse my energy is drowning my health is getting horrible just because of him. I feel it like a shockwave I feel his energy getting into my heart he hates me purely if you knew the pain that he is giving me how my energy is drowning just in his presence you would have do the same. Literally a living devil nothing will change this dude can you judge people that want their abusers dead or in jail or away from them? I think everybody has their reasons this is what I really want. I want him away from me I don’t care if it’s him in jail or him dead. I just want him to get out of my life. This toxic will not be allowed anymore i can’t balance my self with him in my life.


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Thanks bruh. Appreciate it.

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Can you write what is this mantra? How it sounds, what is source of it, and what potential benefits it brings?

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Yes definitely. Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Chandraya Namaha

Should bring peace to the mind of the caster and emotional balance. The benefits are simply put. Connecting with your higher self reaching to conclusions. That sort of stuff

The moon mantra


him getting confused actually makes a lot of sense. In jason miller’s advance planetary magick one of the curse aspects of the moon was lunacy and confusion. so it’s interesting that you can tap into the light and dark aspects of the planetary power with these mantras. definitely worth looking further into :slight_smile:

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I need to wait until mars retrograde gone lame…

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When does Mars retrograde end?

August 27.

Sincerely are you free from this thing/person? :heart: from Morgana