The Money Spell That Works - My Much Requested Money Spell/Suit-Up

Today I give you one of my most requested spell tips. Money Magick is one of the most popular motivations for magicians and everyone has their own flare. Yet, many fail to bring money magick to a place that gets real results. I have created, experimented and tested a method that has shown incredible results… you can get those results too.

I discuss my magickal Suiting Up, to get the best bang for your buck when performing money magick. If you want to get rich, you’re going to have to Suit it up.

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!


This is the concept of its all in the mind. Frater Xaviers, if you think poor you will be poor. Acting like an actual Rich person will change your body language which then becomes an anker. NLP. This creates the vibrations to attract the money thus energizing your money spell. Am I on the right track?


I have had a few conversations with Mr X and he has a lot of great stuff on money magick. A lot of my own foundation was build from his early lessons.


Yes mine as well lol. This is why it clicked in my head. Good post. Thank You.

This money spell seems great!, but what is the process of the ritual??

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bro video is not available :frowning_face:

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Thanks but Can’t access video Bro can u repost

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