The Moldavite thread

I’ve created this thread to try and stir up some information on Moldavite. Please tell everyone about your experience with Moldavite and the results you have had.

For me, I have noticed faster physical healing when I carry one around regularly.

Full disclosure. I’m looking for some new ways to use this stone. I have read Baal Kadmom’s book on using it with mantras but I would like to try it with other types of magic, i.e. Evocation.


Hi Mate, I haven’t used moldavite in awhile. It’s sitting in my draw with the other crystals. It gave me extremely vivid dreams, most of the time they were bad dreams. Very involved.

It does impact on your pineal gland. You can lie down, place it on your forehead and meditate. Within seconds my third eye would pulsate.

You can even place it in a glass of water and drink it afterwards. I can’t remember why since it’s been years since I worked with it. I know there was some benefit.


It’s a tektite formed from a meteor impact which supposedly happened in southern Germany and it’s scattered fragments of glasslike substance cooled and became moldavite which is found about eastern Europe, more highly concentrated in some areas more than others. Moldavite is one of the most rare substances on Earth however is not unusually expensive today as it was in ancient times when it was worn as the stone of royalty.

The Legend states that it was a stone in the crown of Lucifer and during his battle with St. Michael the Arch Angel was struck by Michael’s sword and shattered and fell to earth along with Lucefer himself.


That’s interesting. I’ll place a piece on Lucifers sigil and see what happens.


You are at least the third person I’ve heard mention bad dreams as one of the side effects of Moldavite. The Baal Kadmom book recommends cleansing it before you use it. What I’m thinking of trying is cleansing it and then holding it in one hand while I perform a ceremony or maybe taping it to my third eye for a ceremony. Or maybe just sleeping with it under my pillow for a few days before a working.

And just for the hell of it, I’ll try drinking the water that it’s been sitting in. I wonder if that’s like drinking bong water?

I’m open to suggestions. :smiley:


One of the more exotic theories I have read about claims that the Moldavite is so spiritually active because it has the spirits of space aliens attached to it or something like that.

Maybe it was Atlanteans. Either way it sounds like something from Scientology.


So, anyhow. I went to bed last night with this moldavite taped to my forehead just see what happens. My dreams were definitely more vivid and easier to recall in the morning. The bad part was I got agitated very easily today and felt very off kilter and ungrounded all day long.

I still plan to use it for ritual this weekend.


It definitely makes you more sensitive to energies.


Good investment if it comes with a certificate, has a perfect shape and more than 30g :slight_smile:
Winston Churchill kept one in his pocket all the time. He believed Moldavite gives him good luck.


30 g will be a pretty expensive stone. :flushed:
The one that I have weighs 9.5 g and cost something close to hundred dollars.

I would say that Winston Churchill was a pretty lucky and successful guy. World War II went his way. LOL.