The modern magicians paradigm – part one: protective allies



As the year draws to a close I have for the past few weeks recollected all of my magickal achievements that I have accomplished since joining BALG. If you would have asked me some twenty years ago if all this were possible I would have said yes, but also to travel the hard long road of gravel and dust, hoping to claim that inspired fortune of spiritual truth, if only to steal a glance…

my life has taken such turns and twists that my mind spins with the “now moment”, anticipating what other fortunes will come my way, the fortunes of knowledge and truth in the art majica.


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I have been enjoying myself of late reading and lurking through all the posts on the forum. It’s quite inspiring to read the many viewpoints and concepts that run the gamut of magickal thought and practice. Undoubtedly, many posts I’ve read have at one time or another dealt with the idea of securing and protecting your magickal works/temple/self. This too was my concern for many years as I practiced the various rituals of the Golden Dawn, needless to say, a simple rite such as the LBRP(Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) is probably the most underrated/understated rite in any magickal practice.

In 1987 I was introduced to this ritual through a small off-shoot Golden Dawn group situated in the UK. At that time, I was given only some documents and the obligatory half-smile “read it and then read it some more” from my mentor. During the cold winter in London I remained in my apartment which was shared by two female college friends, sharing the same flat. My room, a mere 5 x 5 with a small bunk bed next to a very hot radiator, I flipped through the rite thinking to myself, how will I ever learn the Hebrew.

Armed with only my robe, a small white hilt knife, and my journal I began for the next two weeks practicing the LBRP morning and evenings. On the third week, on a cold night I continued my practice as usual. Upon completion I wrote down my experience. At that moment with my back to the ceiling, A thick black shadow hovered above me. I turned around to see…my one bright light bulb above. My reality was so completely shattered at that moment that I ran out of the building and into the snowy streets. I waited for about five minutes in the frozen air while I attempted to reconstruct my sanity.

This is only but one experience of many I have encountered over the years from just one short rite. In the months that followed I continued and persevered in learning to properly intone and pronounce the Hebrew as this mod version of the LBRP was completely in Hebrew and not English.

To this day I never knew what apparition appeared behind my back. It would take an entity some serious determination to manifest in a physical way producing shadows without any summoning. After twenty odd years I have perfected the LBRP to such a state that now I only perform it astrally while sitting on a chair within the circle.

Even though the LBRP is a great defense rite from unwanted intrusion I still needed to find a way to protect my temple and myself from any astral attack. Piece of mind came after all these years while one night I evoked Sastan by fire. Among the many entities he introduced me to during my pact with him, Frasatu is the most helpful I have worked with thus far. He is known as the “protector of the eternal flame” and is an entity of the fire element.

He manifested to me as a hard stone statue of a greek warrior holding a flaming sword that appears to have just been removed from the blazing fires of the underworld. He will not speak to you in the normal sense of the word, but instead produce gestures that will become instinctive to the magcian in working.

His helmet appears to be completely empty and only darkness fills its hollow cavity. As he leans towards you he will gesture you to grab his burning sword from the tip. Embrace it with your hand. Make sure you request him to produce his other sigil/signature as he will appear quickly during the next subsequent evocations(they will appear in the astral as golden burning lines in front of him).

He will remain in a chosen corner of your temple. Standing motionless and quiet, protecting the surroundings. Frasatu not only protects your temple(home,house,apartment,etc) but also during any rituals you perform, thus his presence will “purge” any unwanted influence brought about by man or spirit(a trait I have found with Orobas as well). Additionally, should any type of psychic attack ever occur his power will boomerang the curse/attack many times over to the sender. He’s the perfect magickal sidekick to have on your side.

A word about Magickal Structuring – keep in mind that true magickal structuring is about developing ALL of your magickal senses and not just constructing an image. You need to develop all your senses, taste,touch,see, hear,feel…the more you evoke…the more you become.

I am also including another entity from Sastan, Basta, who I have not personally evoked but is of a similar character as Frasatu. He is said to provide various means of protection as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Since the Friends with Benefits project is taking off soon I decided that I would like to add an extra layer of protection to my self, family, and apartment. I noticed that the more I work the more I attract little astral nasty things and I don’t want that.

I decided that I wanted some one who would guard us day and night and I settled on Frasatu because:

  1. He sounds like a badass
  2. He is Sastan approved (I really like Sastan)

I set up my front room as a temple as my current temple has been completely overtaken by another project. I placed tea lights around the triangle and lit them as he is a fire elemental so I thought it was appropriate.

I cleansed the area, left for a bit, came back and preformed the Rights of Omnipotence, and set out to evoke Frasatu.

He came rather quickly and I found that I fell into the T/G sync faster than usual, maybe it was due to my practices or maybe it is the nature of Fire Spirits to come quickly.

I was pulled into a glossinalia right before Frasatu appeared. But appeared he did. He was like living volcanic stone with a sword that was somehow fiery and some how solid at the same time. He is BIG, I was expecting him to be tall, but he was also very broad shouldered.

He assumed an “At attention” stance and I took that as his greeting. I welcomed him into my temple and began to ask him questions. He motioned and images popped into my head and I began to instinctively pick up what he was trying to tell me, after sometime.

"How did you come to being?"
He motioned that he was born of astral and nether flame when creation called out for a savior. He seems to stand as an eternal guard of sorts.

"What is the nature of your work?"
His motions lead me to conclude that he is to protect those that are worthy of his time. It seems that he is only interested in those who take their work seriously. Those who want to ascend, or continue spiritual evolution may ask for his protection. Those who really live up to their callings are the ones he cares to help. I think I should note that he didn’t say only adepts or master magicians can ask for his help, beginners can too just as long as they are serious and not dabblers. He conveyed a sense of duty while in the ritual and it seems he does not want to waste time on those who waste his time.

I asked for his protection and he motioned that I would have it as long as I was a serious student of the occult. His presence began to fill my living room as it looked like smoke and cinders filled the area.

I asked for him to let me touch his sword as S.V.E. instructed and he handed to me tip first. I touched it, thinking that was all I had to do, he gestured for me to grasp it and hold it against my chest. I did and I felt it be pulled into me. It was warm but not too hot, it felt more solid than anything else, like I had a bar of warm steel for a second spinal cord. When I looked back at him he had his sword again. Not sure want to make of that as I felt the solid mass in my chest for a good ten minutes after the ritual.

The feeling faded and I think it is like other gifts that spirits may place in your body or gateways they open up. You feel it at first, then you become comfortable with it and the sensation fades into the background until you consciously notice it again. For example you are now aware of the feeling of the clothes on your body…over time that feeling with fade in the back of your mind, you are always aware of it just not always conscience of it.

I asked for a new sigil that I might call upon him again with ease, He made many gestures and produced many astral letters as if he was trying to decide on one to give me. Finally he stopped and pointed to the sword in my chest and I go the impression that he was psychically linked to me and that he would use that for now.

This guy is pretty awesome, he is very dedicated and serious. I recommend working with him if you want some serious protection.

Until next time.


Glad it worked out for you

Forming pacts with specific entities is a great way to expand not only your knowledge base but to encounter a variety of spirits from just the one you are working with.

I will be physically evoking Astaroth on Monday to set my new year expectations in order. Who better than Astaroth. I must set my own house in order…

S.V.E., I always look forward to your posts. Very helpful as always. Thanks to both you and Orismen for the detailed experiences working with Frasatu.

I believe that I will work with him soon. He sounds like quite a guardian.