"The misery and misfortunes of the Black Magicians"

Okay and now that I got your attention, I would like to clarify that this is a title from a book I’m reading about magick, called “How To Gain Psychic & Magick Powers Exposed”.
While I don’t consider myself black magician yet, I was reading about this topic and thought to share it with you and listen to your opinions on this chapter. So here it is:

"There is a very real threat and common knowledge that magick can be used
for black or evil based purposes. People can use magick for whatever they truly desire. This can include causing harm on other people or living things.This is not an ideal plan of action as lowering yourself to that levels can cause
not only your victim permanent damage, but damage that can also effect you.
It may not be immediate but it can and will happen. Within this report I would
like to talk about the beneficial uses of magick and why using things like black
magick with the intention of harming others is wrong. Magick is ideal for those
who have intentions of the highest and greatest good for themselves and those
around them. Any types and formats of magick that abuses or restricts the
rights or freedoms of any sentient being whether it be alive or dead is absolutely foolish. You may feel you have a temporary advantage in using black magick but you don’t. True magick is the ability to change and alter reality and ourselves. We use magick to achieve the highest state of Self that can be acquired in this lifetime.
Trying to influence other people without their
consent or using magick for nefarious reasons that cause harm or chaos in the
lives of others is a reflection of your own damage.
Don’t get me wrong I understand that there are people in the world who are villanious and have evil in their hearts and minds. Choosing to use black magick is truly a waste of time and energy. It can hurt your intended target but it can hurt you just as badly if not worse. If you alter the web of reality and change it to cause damage to another person, that change in the web of life can dramatically effect you or someone close to you.
The web of life is attached to every living thing and being. What you do now effects the future
and other people. If you have ever heard of the scientific theory of the butterfly effect, what you do now can impact someone on the other side of the world.
This is a fact of our reality. Choosing to use black magick can give you temporary relief or satisfaction but the long-term effects on your life are truly unknowable until it happens. The universe is governed by the laws of cause
and effect otherwise known as karma.
If you choose to not believe in karma or
the authority of karmic law will not protect yourself from evil deeds reaching Fruition in your own life… "


Who is the author of the book you are quoting from?


I was literally searching about the name before I post it, but i couldn’t find it in the pdf.
All i got to say is i found it from the site “howtolearnmagick.com” a couple of weeks ago. If i find the name, i will update it.

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I whole heartedly agree, we should be building people up, not breaking them down… not unless it’s truly necessary

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The thing is, we are independent and free to do what we want and personally I’ve never cursed or hurt someone, but I can’t stand the bad treatment from someone to me or to my beloved ones. Im able to take revenge if someone doesn’t play with the right rules or tries to fool me. So, exclusively out of revenge and justice I would do baneful magick, BUT we need to know the whole truth behind this.
If this is true and we’re going to be hurt while doing black magick, then we should consider how to act.
Personally, i do agree with this part 100% though

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What if this person could be surgicaly removed, or isolated from the web before such works were performed

Balance can’t be achieved when one only focuses on half the spectrum. This was written by someone that doesn’t seem to understand half the spectrum or even understand the usefulness of half the spectrum. That would make them half a magician, in my opinion.


Be able to heal and curse but make sure the cursing is well deserved lol


I haven’t had my coffee yet, so forgive me for typos or half-baked thoughts.

If you use magick to better yourself, then how do you know someone else isn’t being affected negatively? Let’s say I am in the final round of a series of interviews and it’s down to another candidate and myself. I do a working/spell/petition to get the job, even though the other candidate could be a slightly better fit. What if the other candidate needed that job more badly than I did? Is that not a negative outcome for someone else? Does that not “restrict the rights or freedoms” of someone else? Do I have to worry about that coming back to me or not? Why even bother practicing magick then?

It’s hard for me to believe that every bit of magick you for yourself or for someone you love always results in positive things “in the web,” despite saying “may it harm none” after you’ve spoken your intention.


Would this book happen to be by Dreaming Wizard?

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I have a similiar philosophy in terms of balance. I also believe the best way to protect yourself from more harmful workings is to know how to perform them yourself.

While I do not recommend using curses to solve every problem, there have been situations where the alternatives did not work and I had to go that route to deal with the conflict. In my eyes, a curse is much like firing a gun. It is not something i want/should do all the time, but it is something i will do when i deem it necessary. I do have a longer process to follow which not only builds power but ensures i have the solid conviction to follow through. It’s part of the reason i really like the Master Curse from Magical Attack for example.


This is the cover of the book and trust me its reaaally good written.

The author explains in other chapters about the Qi energy and the The Secretive Qi Gong Embyronic Breathing Method, how you can train your subconscious to achieve magickal power, about meditation etc…
I mean he talks about the fundamental theories around magick without religious stuff and fluffy words.
Thats why i chose to share with you this chapter, i can see his point. Certainly, we know even from basic physics, every action there is out there js causing a re-action. Every energy is being realesed, has an “answer” it seems logical to me.

Yup, that is from Dreaming Wizard alright. I had to do some digging around for it but I managed to find the author. It is available on Amazon Kindle Prime, 66 pages in length and was recently published.

Beyond that I cannot really comment much more, as I have not read it beyond the chapter you provided. I do see the usual “good deeds lead to good things and bad things lead to bad ones” that I have seen within the New Age movement over the years. The flaw with that thinking is that it relies on absolutes and for life to fall into boxes we can understand. However, life in reality is quite messy and the old quote of the road to hell being paved with good intentions is one that does seem to ring loudly, at least from what i have observed. Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggestion that the opposite is absolute either and how one decides to use magic is ultimately up to them. I just believe life is too messy to decide what fits between Category A and Category B, especially when it comes to magic.

But that is my perspective. I will take a look into the book further when I have some spare time


Yea this is it!! Eventually, which is the author’s name? :joy:
I agree that life is too complex to be able to give you certain patterns and paradigms that will lead to a definite conclusion. But it’s good to be aware of the karmic laws which are certainly established, before we do something…
And i have to keep this in mind before I m starting sharing “lessons” lol

Well, a majority of the concept of Karmic law came from Yajnavalkya during a major split in the Vedic traditions that lead to Jainism and Buddhism. Originally, Karma just meant “ritual” or “sacrificial action” in its Vedic context. So, you can say that the karmic law is another form of philosophy that can be tested like any other at your discretion. And i am not belittling the concept of Karma by calling it a philosophy. In fact, i find that philosophy can be extremely beneficial to an individual. I actually like Stocism myself, and it helps me to give pause to think before action.

But, like magic, I like putting everything I interact with to the test and observing the results. I believe I might be getting off topic as well.


Magicians charge for curses all the time. On one hand they are bettering themselves. On the other they are hurting someone else. All because someone else is mad or hurt by that person … Not to mention their complaint may or may not be liget. The magician has made money and helped themselves and the one paying for the service. But what of the one on the recieving end.

It kills me when black magicians say "Oh I dont curse because someone just made me mad on face book. " acting like that is petty.

But then turn around and curse someone they most likely dont even know. Just because the price is right. So how is that any better than popping off at someone on fb?? The one paying you to do the cursing could just as easily be paying you for the same reason. And tell you anything you want to hear about it, just so you will do the curse. :thinking: :woman_shrugging:

I guess if the price is right it makes everything ok. :ok_hand:


How do you mean they re bettering theirselves in which way?
Oh yes, its ridiculous how many black witches act , not morals at all…or most of the times they will do the curse but all they care is money. They re not gonna explain you about the lust for results, so you re probably gonna neutralize the spell, and they re charging crazy amounts to do such a little work.
On the other hand, I wonder why the people hire other to do such workings? Its known its kinda dangerous for theirselves isnt it?

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Well alot of magicians charge up to thousands for their services so I would say they just bettered themselves.

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Usually the one paying for it either doesn’t know how to do magick or are too lazy to do it themselves.

So they rather pay someone else.

It could be dangerous to give a black magician your information. But most people have FB and thats like a black magicians dream. Any information you want to use as links is on there.

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Okay so you meant financially, because i can’t see any other area of improvement :joy:

And to add also one more parameter: they’re f*** scared to do it by theirselves