The Miracles Of Saint Death Brought To Life Through Evocation

We all know Her. Death is a part of everybody’s Life, and some of us build a Holy Connection to It through Saturnian, Reaper type work.

One of the currently most popular ways to worship Death and one’s personal Death (I view Death as a “world”, much like I view Life) is the Santisima Muerte.

I personally first connected with Her during a time when I had built a very deep relationship to a Mexican person. I do not want to go into too many details, except to say that the results the Santisima produced for me were beyond miraculous despite the fact that I lived far away from her home base (I was in Europe) at the time. They, the effects, were scary to the opposition - deadly, extremely far reaching and came at a pace that is unlike most of what I have seen, except when working with Demons or Gods and charging the Work with serious energy.

To clarify a little, contrary to the popular view that Death is the end, or is a road to some kind of paradise, I view Death as a realm, much like Life, but perhaps Inverse. This means there are different laws, different rules that apply, but it does not mean that it is somehow passive or just still as many people assume.

I created this thread to help create a realm where those devoted to the Santisima can share praise to Her, can recommend various ways of working with her, explain how they got their best results with Her, and describe the Connection they have with Her. There are no limits, except those which the moderators set in place.

Let me start by saying:

I got all my Santisima altar supplies directly from Mexico.
I have gotten great results by offering Rum to her, including cheap Rum.
She has put me in touch with amazing people from where the Rum was produced, about 1 week after offering it to her. Might I add, the sex was great.
She also loves Tequila. Her favorite brand from my perspective is Olmeca and also Jose Cuervo. She also loves privately brewed Tequila, ideally directly from Jalisco.
She loves and supports the Mexican Cartels. (This is very controversial, but true. The same goes for Jesus Malverde by the way. These entities are very closely connected to the Cartels, as proven by manifestations I experienced that are almost too mindblowing to describe to the non initiated.)
She loves Marlboro Reds.
She loves Sweets.
She loves when I play songs to Her on the guitar.
See a traditional song:

She ocassionally loves a good party in Her honor.
She can be extremely fierce or extremely gracious in my experience.
For example, as a result of one of my rituals a person was killed (1 week after working with Her). On the other hand, She has been giving another target troubles, but never serious enough to really harm him so far, due to the fact that he is a father. She loves the family and protects it in its various manifestations.
When working with Her, you may think that She does not hear you, even though She is already producing results in your sphere that you cannot see. Gradually through time (Saturnian), you will see the extent to which She is working with you, and if you have a sincere relationship with Her, She will go to lengths that you cannot yet imagine in order to grant your Wishes.

You may have periods working with Her, where nothing seems to happen at all, yet at the same time all your problems disappear subtly. You may even reject Her, but if She knows that you were sincere to begin with, you will be duly rewarded and She will give you opportunities to get back in touch.

The first kinds of manifestations of Her work that you will see, especially if you target enemies with Her work or ask for justice, is that those precise enemies will begin to seemingly randomly end up on cemeteries, not necessarily dead though.

Example: A guy whom I cursed with the great and gracious help of the Santisima, ended up on a cemetery a week later where he received a blowjob from a random girl he met online. He told me about this shortly thereafter (buddying up phase of a curse).

What he didn’t know is that by having sex on a cemetery, not only was he pissing off the Dead (a test from the Santisima) through his disrespect, but he literally sprayed his living essence among necromantic spirits under Her command.

Shortly thereafter he became extremely cursed.

The same happened to another target, who began to take model photography at a cemetery, weeks after targetting her. Not long thereafter, she too became incredibly miserable.

The Santisima will test people. If she finds that an individual truly is corrupt and deserving of a curse, she will carry it out in such a fierce manner that you will be surprised about the extent to which it will manifest.

Here is to Saint Death, I toast you fellow disciples who seek Her companionship in Life and in Death

Ps: I should mention I go to Her directly, without any intercession from ‘jesus’ or anything like that.


I saw that too, and I’m very anti-drugs (especially cocaine the drug - not trad. use of the coca leaf) so I take it as legit because there’s no way that came from my ego, or pre-existing belief system.

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@ascendeddescender, thank you for this lovely post.

I too am a devotee and child of our beautiful Santisima. What you say of her is very true. If you can speak about it, I would love to hear more about your experience where someone died the week after you performed rituals to her. Was the person an enemy?

Funny you mention Olmeca tequila - she always wants me to buy that brand for her :slight_smile:

I’m trying to learn more about Santa Muerte, can you please PM me if you have the time?

Question so if you want to start working with Saint death how do you approach her My intentions are mostly to have her as a mother figure And everytime I think of her I feel relax as mother loves is around me and I bought some tequila to offer her she answered my call one time when I was looking for a death goddess and I dont know how to approach her or what to do my angel saids worship her and pray to her but I dont know what to say in my prayers or how to worship her

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La Santisima Muerte is wonderful and incredibly powerful.

She does not judge your actions or your lifestyle. But you must show her respect - otherwise punishment can be severe.

You can learn more about her by visiting V K Jehannums site.


Let me rephrase that statement about respect - if you only have a transactional relationship with her, it wont work well for you. If you love her, she will love you and dote on you.

Shes absolutely wonderful.

Ia Io Reisaz-Milipon!

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Thank you for this! As a fellow Devotee its great to see more of us on different sites inclusing this one! I work with her on a weekly basis and she has done amazing things in my life as well.

I havent worked with her yet but in all honesty for me I was a bit scared of working with her or any death God/Goddess for the matter but after i did a call to her whenever I would think of her I would feel like she would Shower me with love like I was one of her children I felt calm and happy but that’s just me thinking of her and stuff but now I want to fully make a connection with her

So she’s basically one you should start off by worshiping before asking a favor?

Its okay to ask her for help, but you must understand that she is looking for a relationship with her devotees. If you only go to her because you need something, then its not a relationship - consider this, how do you feel about people that only hit you up when they need something? Personally i dont want people like that in my life, and neither does she.

If you love her - she will love you, and with that comes an amazing relationship. She definitely takes care of her own. Just be sure to draw close to her.


Btw this might sound stupid I never done worship of any kind how would you go about it with her she I’ll be my first goddess to worship I did a prayer to her yesterday Thanking her for everything she does in the world but thats just about it

Check out the link i posted above…

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Done thanks alot

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Good luck to you Vega. I hope she is everything for you that she is for me and countless others.

Hail Las Santisima Muerte!

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So how do you communicate with her

Through vision
Terot cards
Feeling of emotion

The only reason I ask is becuase like 3 days of doing some meditation with her and her enn I asked her If she could turn me into an astral being and I got a vision of someone being reborn and naked kneeling down to someone sitting in a throne