The Mind's Eye in Soul Travel

So, this is going to sound interesting, but I need help. Again. Unsurprisingly.

When I Soul Travel, my vision itself is black, but I feel and see the area around me. I’m known to have quite the imagination, so I’m curious as to whether or not it’s just my imagination (I can’t see details like words, but I can see basic shapes and colors before focusing it) at work here.

I can even detach my consciousness and view the world around me from an area different than my body.

But the inside of my eyelids are black. I can only receive impressions, but strong ones, when I’m travelling, but I can see it in my mind’s eye.

So, thoughts? Is this just me and my imagination, or am I just not keen enough to actually “see” it like I would in the real world.

Remember me ranting about how bats don’t need “The Light™” in order to perceive their surroundings? :wink:

This is you - just because stuff isn’t a particular way that acknowledges your sensory organs, all you need is 1. Does it work out logically, after I’ve acknowledged my habitual patterns of thought and stuff like that? and 2. Am I getting results, no matter what?

I’ve taken magic mushrooms, recreationally, and seen with my real eyes, heard with my real ears, all kinds of hallucinations that were JUST my brain having a shit-fit on drugs - but some of my most subtle and powerful spiritual experiences came about almost through whispers, hints, portents.

JMO, I could just be a really high functioning psychotic, but … nah!

Yes, yes, and yes! We have a winner!

It’s interesting, truly. Thanks for the help!

Good hunting,