The Mind Drifting Into The Temple Delirium To Understand The Quest Of Ascent

There lyes in the mind of a man, a dark corner of the psyche. Where all mystery, curiosity and wonder dwells in the shadow of man’s consciousness. There immersive imagination manifests, with stories, visions or even spontaneous revelations in development.

The eccentric mind then stirs up, cryptic suggestions. For the most begging questions of this light filled cosmic existence, including the dark mysterious existences beyond this dimension.

The mind of man then concocts ideas, with once again ambiguous queries.
The mere mental internal review on otherworld contemplations, which for the submissive weak mind of man this can lead to delirium.

One must then ask what is delirium, insanity is a perception on this reality which is seen by the masses as absurd, irrational and lunacy.

Sanity is however only a human concept, we cannot interface with the totality of existence with the mental restraints of so called sanity.

So what happens when the mortal mind, removes his logical, analytical, mathematical inclined way of thinking. Man’s consciousness then becomes more receptive, once one this layer of the minds restraint is pealed back.

Another layer of the restraint in human awareness. The individual must then remove their so called ego, in order to not disrupt the knowledge channeled beyond, to suit the ego.

Once these layers are removed from the individuals consciousness, one more layer must be destroyed in order to reach a expansion in human sentience.

The human must release attachment from this reality which is only a illusion. The illusion is made by man’s minds in order to better engage with the complexity of our existence.

Once the mortal mind obtains the realisation that what the senses perceive is an illusion.
The wandering soul in search for answers must then rid the labyrinth of the senses of existence.

The method of ‘letting go’ of this reality are many from mind altering substances, to self hypnosis or ritualistic ancient rites in order to induce a trance state.

Once ego is burned away in the flames of evolution, then the logical mind-state which has been enforced into the mind from birth, must be dropped.

The illusion must be pierced by the methods of trance and altering observation.
The field of consciousness then becomes a black hole, ready to devour all Information from the external forces of this four dimensional, physical world.

The answers to the data we receive however, will never be fully appreciated.
For the mind still cannot grasp the revelations in totality therefore, the psyche translates the communication between gods and man.
Changing power, energy, knowledge compartmentalised in vibrations which to us are symbols.

The psyche then translates these invisible symbols which enter the gateway of imagination, flowing through the rift of the subconscious mind. This received data then gets filtered through the mind, translating it into words in man’s native language and using internal imagery as well as words to imply the answers.

The individual will then peak beyond enlightenment.
The mind will pierce diabolic forces in order to obtain the greatest answers.
Leading man to immerse the ancient sciences, lost and found exquisite spiritual practices.

The occult takes all these implications and methods, doing away with the morals and dogma of the systematic control. Which seeds originted in organised movements of governmental and religious stasis.

The occult is then the temple of darkenss for which knowledge, power and understanding can be obtained.

This is the beginning of the Ascension.
The curiosity of man was the seed planted, water the seed with desire and will, then the fruit of Godhood grows within.

Climb the vines upon to reach the fruit, the metaphor represents the constant expansion and becoming of man in ascent.

For man should not stop to become just a God, but become the void, infinite and without form.
As the darkness expanding forever fueling the blackened fire of soul.

Whether morbid fascination, diabolical darkness, infernal empires rising upon the earth.
Still keep pushing the arcane horrors embrace it, go through the darkness, become the devils, into the light to become the wholesome angels.

To only descend back into the infernal gaping abyss to repeat infinitely in ascent and descent

Expand, Become, Ascend.



Great read. I think for me it was the acceptance of “fear” being nothing more than emotion that we’re brain washed to feel.

(Not to get into the conspiracy discussion and drama of western civilization philosophies or lack thereof.)

That was probably the hardest thing for me to get over in performing energy work, and probably will be with diving into the deeper use of the third eye, and astral visions too. Fear just looms over everyone and I think if you can let go and fall in it helps a lot. Emotions are just subconscious anyways right?

Anyway, enjoy your night / day and thanks again for this post.