The Mighty Dead

Does anyone know anything about the practice called “The Mighty Dead”? Anyone at all? We know that it involves crystallizes your essence through antagonism pre-mortem in order to remain ‘you’ post-mortem, in this reality. Otherwise it seems to be fully sub-rosa.

Please and thank you.

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This might sound out there but it seems like something I was watching about some of the more powerful star wars masters achieved this.

I would have to find it again. It’s called something else on there … but sounds very similar. I think alot of stuff can actually be applied.

Might not be the exact thing your looking for. But Force Ghost sounds fairly close to it …

The Mighty Dead are dead witches and sorcerers, I believe. Working with them can pave the way to gnosis and to the goal of becoming defied after death, as they have. So, it really is quite similar to the force ghost concept within Star Wars. Another concept that is similar is that of the Undead Gods within certain LHP sects, the Undead Gods being deceased magicians who achieved godhood after they died through the mastery of psychic vampirism. I’ve encountered them once or twice and they are immensely powerful.


For those who care, this text describes what I am talking about:

In my own necromantic experience, it’s complicated. Children have less energy, one could say, so they’re easier to control. Dead children, I mean. They’re husks, meat, rot slowed down by the frost. And there’s someone dead but more powerful controlling them. I’d say it’s a powerful sorcerer.

Daniel Ogden notes the practice of tattooing and preserving the sorcerer’s skin, so that later it could give oracles. I assume their crystallized essences were strong enough to withstand Lethe/Forgetting.