The metaphysical powers of opal

For some reason I’m extremely drawn to this gem for some reason that I just can’t seem to figure out. I don’t believe in the myth that opal is only for people born in a specific time range or it will bring bad luck, I think that’s just stupid. I’ve also have recently wondered what opal can do for you energy wise, divination wise and any other method of use for this gorgeous rock. I’m planning on buying one soon, specifically a fire opal. Also can different kinds of opal have different powers or are they all just the same? I would love to hear about your experiences with this gem. Thank you for your time!

Never worked with it but meditation on the stone can give you knowledge of its energies and through that its uses.


Different coloured opals can have different effects (the same is true for all gems).

Generally, an orange opal (such as a fire opal) will help protect a person from “falls” physically or in their career.

Gems will have different effects for different people also, depending on their makeup.

I agree with you about the “myth” - generally speaking gems are beneficial for everyone (or at least, will do nothing). Although in some cases a gem might not be advised for long term use.

There are some gems that some people will be physically allergic to though (quartz is a common one) …as well as radioactive gems of course. So people need to be aware if that is the case with them.


Here’s a link to help you;

I also have the Crystal Bible at home right now so once I’m there and settled I can quote additional information from it if you want.

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I have an Australian Opal set in a silver band and I’ve seen the stories that say they are bad luck. Never had any bad luck with it. However, my Grandmother has always said that opals are for tears, she never fully explained her words other than to say that sometimes women who wear a lot of opals have done a lot of crying… I did look it up and there was a story about a Lady Hermione who was wrongfully accused and killed for being a demoness, the story talked about a drop of holy water landing on her opal ring and the color being drained from the stone…

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That story comes from diamond traders.