The Mechanics of a Working Love Spell

Hello mages, witches, and sorcerers,
I’ve had some moderate success with love spells. Not too much mind you. But enough to know it’s workable. I just am having difficulty finding methods that work in a targeted or lasting sense. What are the mechanics of a love spell? What works for all of you? Are love spells designed to attract swaths of the desired sex best? Or are bullet like spells aiming at the heart of that special someone best? Both? Let’s figure this out.


Not sure what this means.

My bad. A spell targeting someone specific.

Are you using planetary forces or herbs, oils, etc? Or just evocation?

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I’ve been working with the Lwa and the Norse light elves for the most part. Also a few passion demons here and there. And I’m a magickal herb addict so I’ve been including them in my spells along with pink and red stones that I find. Also been including oils, sexual fluids, and dove feet, hearts, and feathers.


I am pretty good with love spells. A few key components that I find most important is the target being asleep, and using the right planetary correspondences. Mars for sex and venus for love. Waxing or full, not dark or waning. I know most people here don’t believe in the need for planetary shit but I always say I can swim against the current and still arrive later and fatigued if I dont i dont give up, but I much rather take a raft and let the current bring me to where I want to go.

I use bend over oil, lavender, calamus, deer tongue, 2 photo graphs. And I do a dream spell the monday before the love or lust spell on that Friday. 7 day red pillar candle.


You may find this of interest.

It goes over the basics for influence magick and several methods for romance magick that could be modified for pther things as well.


Yea Frater is probably the best magician in the occult today and my favorite. I agree with 95% of whatever he teaches and definitely knows his shit


As well if whatever youre doing is working, try something else.

If you have a good break up working ill trade you the exact ritual lol.

Also mine includes sallos. forgot to mention that bro.


Frater has a lot of cool videos on his youtube channel.
Plus his programs on gumroad are very interesting 10+


@serpens_album I’ve got a break up spell that works :+1:


Just pm’d you

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Hey guys. What do you think about Damon Brand’s Magickal Seduction? I’ve been using his Love Spell to get my ex girlfriend back, but here’s the thing, Damon says a wise magician would cast this spell 11 days in a raw. Last night I had a nose surgery so I couldn’t cast the spell. It was my 8 day out of 11. Should I cast the spell twice today to make up for that missing day or should I just keep going like nothing happened or should I start all over again?

I feel like she has some feelings for me after doing some spells (or maybe she just never stopped loving me) but it’s like she’s holding back because of our history (I’m not a bad guy, I just took her for granted and she got sick of it) and because she has feelings for another guy. What do you recommend for this situation? I made a petition letter to Belial to remove this negative thoughts last week but I don’t know if it worked.

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No, there is no need to do it twice, just add a day to make up for the one you missed.

Sometimes Life happens and you have to make allowances.


Hi there. Can you pm me? I’m a new user and I don’t think they gave me the option to pm someone yet. I have some questions regarding your love spells and love rituals invoking spirits.

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I’m interested in this. If you want to share some of your tips? :slight_smile: Thanks


Hi Serpens, what’s your view on contacting your target before the spell has worked or is currently ‘in progress’?
E.g. you cast a love a spell, but then you contact your target after some weeks. Is that a no-no or could it be necessary?
I have heard that it is not wise to interfere with your target. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Please PM if you like I’d be happy to send you some break up spells if need be.

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Positive self-view, care of appearance, radiate confidence and aggression. Let them roll in after…

Case and point, I utilize this and made a sigil to encourage others to speak about me, had two coworkers outright say they want me and another to flirt. It’s a strange sensation.


I always say it’s good to contact a target after the working while the magickal vibrations are strong.

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