The matrix hologram simulation reality

after tons of meditation and chakra work I can’t help feeling this is fake like the matrix or some projected hologram simulation like my senses are being projected via mind into this realm world earth or whatever it actually is… I keep touching objects to try and see if they are real and not a dream I need to know if I am not alone with this…


I’ll give examples for one I can taste food feel objects smell incense and hear music but it’s far off and distant when sitting in my living room or out in public somewhere I feel like it’s fake like playing a video game idk but nothing seems real any more


I can share in the experience in a slightly different light. Mostly when I was into a lot of “breaking the illusion” meditation and practices, I started to get a glimpse of “Real Life.” Have you watched “The Holy Mountain?” Probably one of the most impactful movies for me, especially the ending. I tend to think of it as being derailed from the currents of the reality of consensus. I then had a lucid dream where I could see 3rd person AND 1st person at the same time in a weird but intelligible way and since then I have been doing that. I usually don’t remember my dreams but when I do, they’re lucid. I’ve had a conjecture for a while that dreams are gateways to alternative realities, parallel universes.

As a person becomes closer to who they are, I feel that some might experience a reality-overlay for better or worse, usually with the dream or ideal self becoming real in this world instead of the other. There are two interesting techniques called Reality Transurfing and Dimension Jumping (the second one has a hell of a reddit). Maybe you could check those out and see if they help. Not to mention the short story “The Circular Ruins” by Jorge Luis Borges.

I also got into a lot of music that is kinda disorienting. For example, memories or feelings of a world that never was to being in a paradise but finding yourself alone (thanks Vaporwave, Assemblage 23, and Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain).

So with those experiences, it seems like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in a modern way. Just be thoughtful that sometimes when we perceive to experience something beyond this world, we actually project that transcendence.


I get this feeling often, I try to think positive knowing thinking that constantly would drive me nuts. especially when weve gone on to make video games like the sims😳


life is essentially a lucid dream already… i mean… the saying that people often say to one another ‘remind me’ can also be seen as REM-mind me… almost as if we are reminding ourselves that we are in a dreamworld and we are both the dream and the dreamer in one way or another

then to further elaborate i’ve recently had two really bizarre experiences… at first when you read them you may think i’m making shit up… and i would too… although this among many other things i have experienced tell me that life is much more than we probably care to know about

i was once picking up some food and was waiting… a couple was sitting waiting for their food too… the guy was clean shaven as far as i can remember… although i was looking at a wall mirror at the time and he turned his head to the mirror to look at me and i saw him with a beard yet he actually didn’t have one at the time… it’s like i saw him either as he was in the past or the future

then even more recently i was picking up food again and saw a good looking girl… i noticed that she was wearing a swimsuit or bra under her overall type of clothing and though to myself… oh wow that’s bring (as i was hoping for a bit of side boob perv at the time) - anyway, as she turned her body and moved her arm past that spot and then revealed that area again, that piece of clothing was gone and it occurred to me that she was no longer wearing the swimsuit and i could see most of her breast that wasn’t covered by her overall type of getup… i’m not sure if i was the only one to see her in that ‘dimension’, although she was aware that’s what i could see as she wasn’t sure if she should try to cover up or just let it all hang out so to speak

i know these aren’t hallucinations and as such am yet to ponder exactly what this means… i think reality is alive and trying to show me something… yet that brings a whole new notion to what exactly reality is and why is this reality showing me these anomalies… is god literally the very fabric of space and time that can reveal to us anything and everything based on our awareness and receptivity to such events? or are we simply lost souls trying to find our way home? stuck in an inter-dimensional loop that we must navigate like the matrix to escape this prison of our own making?