The master of miracles

When I first come across this spirit I was in a bad place. I was jumping spirit to spirit depending on them for the simplest task. Pushing my godself aside now that I look back upon it. I come to Krehl’a’teral seeking the same help, knowledge and thought I would move on.
I’m going to give balg a sample of the spirit/realm.
When I first contacted Krehl’a’teral I did so in astral temple. This to me gives a deeper understanding and clear contact. I focused on the sigil given by Krehl’a’teral. The spirit did not manifest in my temple but shifted me into its realm. The landscape was Vast the ground appeared to be silver water that seemed be alive but still with a reflection of dark clouds, but there was no sky. I felt as if I was in the eye of a storm. The presser in this landscape built up and I was standing face to face with myself. The mirror reflection of myself, but more ancient, wise and powerful. I asked why do you appear in this form? A smile come upon the spirit and as if 10 people talked at once the spirit stated I stand before you in a powerful form! The voice did not come from the spirit but the vast landscape. This spirit went on to explain the first step of mastering miracles and transmutation is mastering the elements of the body creating a union.
I will be placing meditations and rituals as time goes and I still have much to learn from Krehl’a’teral


Very interesting! Keep us posted…

I will my friend,thank you

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