The master of miracles (meditation)

The greatest tool we have is meditation. We can balance, channel and project with it. I thought I was crafty with this tool and used it to obtain energy but Krehl’a’teral showed me otherwise. For some time I was robbing energy from my enemy’s. I would focus on my target project to them and drink there life force. It worked, they become weak and there focus was taking off me. I did this for year, I was Removing blockage. But I was drinking from a poisoned source. And I was becoming a product of the energy I was pulling in, I was bitter and way off balance. The spirit started showing me my actions,the doors I have closed! I was pulling hate, anger and self loathing into my essence. I was not removing blockage I was creating more. Krehl’a’teral then explained before I willed myself into this landscape a pact was made with the elements that makeup are world, a union if you will. And if I was to continue my work with him I must balance this union.
To balance this union I tracked around the woods to find a place to perform this meditation. I focused on the major elements and opened myself to them, showing I welcomed them as I did in the beginning. Peace fell upon me. I let them know I remembered this pact and breathed them in.
What Krehl’a’teral was doing, was prepping me for transmutation. How can a miracle take place if you are not At one with your birth rite. This spirit wanted to show me true power break me down and build me back anew, a rebirth if you will.


That’s awesome. Any good updates?

Any updates?