The Magus Tarot Card (Thoth Deck)

A few nights ago I was exploring the link between Seth and Lucifer via Tarot (after a lot of reading) and I pulled the Magus Card.

I use the Book of Thoth (36th Edition) for these cards and I noticed something weird. Nowhere in this edition did it mention the Was-Sceptre that is clearly depicted next to The Magus’s right hand. Everything else is touched upon and discussed apart from this… I found this very unusual because Crowley seems to love his details and imagery so why leave this very important object out of the text? Another author refers to it as a ‘wand’ but I feel that’s an extremely watered down description.

Not to mention the Was-Sceptre was usually shown in the hands of Set himself (and Anpu)…

Since then the Magus has been pulled repeatedly in other readings and even my husband pulled it at random today.

Not sure what this even means but I’m excited by it.