The Magick You Do Against Yourself - Watch This Video If You're Serious About Magick

The Magick You Do Against Yourself - Watch This Video If You’re Serious About Magick.

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I always believed that I am the best and I deserve the best in life , but every time I loose patience, have a meltdown when I scream and yell and hit rock bottom , curse my life and myself and hate everything suddenly things start moving and something good happens! I feel like my anger has more power to manifest than my positive thoughts which are actual true beliefs!


Thank you, this is what I needed to hear


I can’t wait to watch this! As soon as I saw negative thoughts it hit home


What a fantastic video this was. I saw it as soon as you uploaded.


I started on the magick path because I didn’t really see anyway to get rid of the negative thoughts or negative self talk. I figured that it was just part of me, and that there was nothing I could do to change the negative internals. I felt I knew where they were coming from, and there was nothing I could do about them, so might as well just work magick to change the external.

I probably would have said, WTF, getting yourself together, that’s never going to happen, this is the stupidest video ever.

Here is the truth. I needed to get rid of my toxic ex, but I was far to invested in the virtue of staying married no matter what because that is what is taught in the Catholic Church and by my Parents.

It took the worst sort of thing, being possessed by Astaroth, and getting horrid ex back who was leaving me, to actually see how toxic he was and how he was ruining my life, and that I could in fact manage without him.

It took a long time to even figure out how to get the energetic cords out, and start to find the pieces of myself I had lost.

Here is the thing.

  1. First of all, you don’t really have to have it together 24/7 before you practice magick, just before you do the actual spell work.

  2. Secondly, there are techniques to make the messed up thoughts etc go away, some of these techniques are secrets, for good reason. You won’t find some of this stuff standard in meditation classes, therapy etc.


No where in the video did I state you have to have you’re shit together 24/7, it’s discussing the negative magickal effects, negative emotions and thoughts can have on you, you’re surroundings, your life and your magick.

The so called “secret techniques” to make bad thoughts go away aren’t secret at all, there are hundreds if not thousands of sources of techniques and exercises specially for this.

Also you should manage your own emotions and thoughts before ritual and spell work, unless the ancient systems and many modern teachers who have indepth and intricate knowledge on this topic are wrong and you are somehow right.

If you understand hermetics, yogic principles, if you understand the metaphysics of the inner world and its effects on the outer world then you’d know exactly what this video is about.

No one can have their shit under control 24/7 (well they could but not most people) even principles of negative attachments touch on this topic, even the good old saying such as “as within, so without”.

If the individual according to metaphysics, esotericism, magick and other systems of spirituality is a microcosmic emanation of the all, then what one has within them (eventually) gets projected outwards.
Now common sense means not every passing thought or temporary emotion will cause huge alterations, however the more persistent and troublesome the thoughts and emotions, the more of a negative effect they have.

Unless through simple meditation you transmute these thoughts, or a simple shift in perception from let’s say pessimistic/negative views to more optimistic/positive views. There are a million ways this can be achieved but there’s a reason meditation is always recommended first, yes there are many reasons but self control and self mastery is the major one, if one doesn’t have this in their arsenal and they still indulge in magickal work then go ahead, eventually I’ve seen this go well and then unfortunately plummet to the lowest of the lows.


I’ve discussed the power of the negative emotional spectrum before, if one can consciously harness and use it, it can be very powerful indeed.


Awesome to hear my friend :relieved:

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Great I hope you find it helpful or thought-provoking in any manner

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Thank you I kindly appreciate that :relieved:

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No, you didn’t state such a thing in the video, but that doesn’t mean people won’t jump to their own conclusions just from seeing this one video and use that as an excuse to be an armchair magician.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of poor or misinformation out there that people believe.

I agree with this in the general sense, but with some caveats.

Believing everyone else was wrong and I was somehow right was how I got into this mess in the first place. But you have to put it in the context of the view of women generally in the western mystery tradition. There is this idea that you go out and look for a teacher, but the reality is that they are just mundanes there to take advantage of a woman (or even a man) sexually, and therefore teachers are bad.

If you are advanced enough that you already have communication with spirits you can ask them specifically for techniques to help you with this. Spirits know these things and can teach them.
You can then do that before trying to cause change in the external.

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Hi Connor,

This video obviously speaks to me. On the thought forms, yes, I need to make thought forms of a positive logical sequence to success a daily habit.

Thank you for all you do.
I will watch and work your videos from start to finish.

Thank you!!


Hi Connor, I read your replies above before watching the video and it felt like truth, truth and more truth. Then I listened to what you say in the video and you reflect what I have understood along the way

I think that what you say here is important for anyone to grasp. I think it’s truth, truth, truth and more truth with every point you make and you come across with clear articulation.

Anyone can throw a ton of magick at anything but it’s a bit like if you are out walking you need to look ahead now and again to see where you are going. If you only look down at your feet you will bump into something unexpected and you will trip over or find yourself lost. You need to equally look up to see if you are heading in the best direction.

I believe that we can bring a lot of peace and ease to ourselves through just our own contemplation to see in a natural way where we are at and how that fits into what we want and then to see what we can adjust all by ourselves using thought and decision and will to change the underlying thought pattern.

I would guess that many people jump straight into some magick without too much contemplation, therefore not giving themselves a chance to change their thoughts and like Connor said, after the ritual they revert straight back to the thought pattern they had before the ritual. Perhaps by not thinking things through enough, they haven’t presented themselves with enough questions or reasoning to make an actual effective change.

Thank you for posting the video, it was great to listen to :slightly_smiling_face:


I watched it and yes this makes a LOT of sense. Medidation does help like you said I also remember there was a breathing technique EA had on his YouTube to release those emotions


really i enjoyed the video!

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C. Kendall does this extends to rituals to achieve balance/ to adopt more positive characteristics in oneself?

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Bumping because, well, listen to what he says and you will be glad you did.

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