The Magick of Jesus

I came across this book from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn called “Was Jesus Secretly a Magician?”

Their PDF claims to have an ancient fragment of spells and incantations that Jesus used to initiate his disciples. It almost reminds me of a Damon Brand/GoM book.

What do any of you think?

Here is a link to their site:


I remember reading somewhere that Jesus was not the son of God but that he was a prophet and a powerful sorcerer. Can’t remember the source of that information though.

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That might be the Quran and the Torah. They accept Jesus as a prophet, but not as the literal son of God.


I’ve never read those texts so it’s cool of you to mention that fact

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He did have miraculous (magical?) powers. I don’t think that makes him a magician though. Seems more like pseudo biographical works to me; someone trying to fill the gaps.

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I believe he was an overhyped prophet, however now given he’s worshipped he’s most likely in “spirit” a human who now has a large supply of energy from his worshippers. He could be even equated to an “ascended master”

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He was labeled a mystic in the book “The Art of Mysticism”

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Baal Kadmon has a book about it.

I think none of us can actually know , we weren’t alive when Jesus was .

More and more I can only express anger towards Jesus.