The magick of going for a walk

One part of my magickal practice is to ask one of my deities (usually Qayin) to open up new paths and synchronicities in my life, and sometime after that I will go for a walk through my town wearing my beads or something else that connects me to him, I highly suggest doing this because you will happen upon items and places that will be useful to your practice or meet new people and it is a very interesting experience. it is also a great time for reflection and gaining gnosis and insight into your life. its a very peaceful thing


I have found beads, bones, other practitioners, interesting meditation spots, an occult shop, herbs etc


Yes, leaving “the lab” is necessary, it gives us some relaxation and let’s our concious minds set on the back burner. Philsologically it is healthy and promotes health and actually helps the brain think and process better!

Great share :+1:


I always think creatively when I walk. I think it has to do with blood flow and oxygen. A good workout routine no doubt helps.