The Magick of Angels and Demons book by Henry Archer isn't working either

Can someone please explain why this book is highly reviewed on amazon when not a single spell I have done has worked.

Now before you you guys start asking if the spell was for a billion dollars. No it wasn’t.


what did you try we have to compile books that dont work or are weak


I myself tested alot of new stuff but I wait for results atlease 2-4 months most magick works for me afther 1-2 months


Tried 2 different love spells with 3 gods hope they dont dissapoint me also will do 1 tomorrow my money and protection magick is great :slight_smile:

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Just because someone doesn’t have success with a method in no way means the magick is “weak.”

Some techniques simply work better for some more than others. It’s completely individual.


I know that but still alot of folks here have problems. with certain stuff and they need answers. I figgured a way that works for me but still I would like stronger stuff.

btw since mercury is in retrograde does that affect magick because tomorrow is a full moon and would it be pointless to do magick if I cant connect

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And a lot of people have success with it as well.

There is no such thing as “stronger stuff.” Magick is magick, and a competent magician can do as much with a candle spell as with a full evocation.


can I ask you whit what did you have your greatest success :slight_smile:

I use EA’s method of evocation.


tried it without offerings I fucked up my life.

I have his evocation course and many books aswell they are good but offerings to the spirits are not included

No, because offerings aren’t needed. I’ve never done them and I have had no issues.


so you basicly want and want and dont give anything in return

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Ea give blood but doesnt talk about it and JS garret which he talkes about their rituals are different than the books. Offerings is the key not with all but especialy with darker forces. what spirits do you work with

Did not have much success with this method either.

I have only had great results with Demons of Magick and Goetic Pathworking.


awesome wich of the 3 methods did you use :slight_smile:

Um…no. He doesn’t give blood all the time. It has its place but it is not something he does a lot of.

The basic premise of EA’s system, is that spirits work with us because it gives them a chance to express their power in the physical world in a way they cannot otherwise.

Now, this is just stupid. Do you really think an immaterial spirit needs a glass of wine or some fruit in order to fulfil a task? That defies all logic. Giving them a chance to flex their power is your gift to them. Without you calling upon them, they are impotent upon the material plane.

Most of the same spirits everyone else on this forum does.


then why does Santa Muerte demand offerings and the Loa demand aswell + the dead need offerings like water etc+ demons liking blood offerings EA s idea is for people not to be frightened by theses stuff I do not believe him especialy about this he said they have their own agendas he is contradicting himself I am watching and studiing everyone on balg.

With DOM, all of them. But I always prefer the third one, full evocation. Never seen anything, but I like to feel the presence of the demon in the room with me.