The magicians paradigm : evocathon!


Coming this Autumn 2015

Happy to announce the arrival of what I was always hoping to achieve on my own,the Evocathon was an idea I posted about several posts ago on BALG concerning a possible retreat for all magicians of every background and system, to learn and exchange ideas , sharing knowledge (which is the elusive stone every one wants).

Many have PM me regarding how to perform this or to help them or to read for them. The time has come ladies and gents to begin a new vista of smashing the impossible and turning lead into gold.

I will be presenting exclusive video streams (for BALG members only) on aspects of my own workings. All in HD video to watch as it occurs and then to download for free. Following each ritual there will be a live video chat session to further discuss what i did. For over 23 years Ive been working the golden dawn magickal system along with my own system with equal results. It is my hope that this endeavor will assist those in need to further their own cause without stumbling in the dark.

Some of the highlights are;

1.) learning how to properly control your breath and mind,performing simple pathworkings to materialize an object of your desires(this will be explained further) within the realm of yesod

2.) daily rites to commune with your higher self

3.) the LBRP deconstructed completely to understand the importance of each moment and gesture

4.) Obtaining a magickal motto from Azazel himself(and at the same time learning a little about your magickal memory)

5.) Evocation of Bune to “assist” in manifesting wealth(indoor temple)

6.) Evocation of hagith to manifest occult open minded friends(outdoor key biscayne/Virginia beach FL)

7.) Evocation of belial to obtain spirit familiars (outdoors using a stone altar TBA)

8.) Creating a unique magickal circle of your own - I will demonstrate step by step my own circle creation that was handed down to me by my own fire elemental familiar(who in turn works for Sastan) it is the circle of eternal flame which i will reveal so you can either copy mine or make your own.

9.) Evocation of mepsitahl to physical presence under the full moon (outdoor TBA)

10.) and much much more…

Additionally, I have recruited several local black,white,wiccan priest/tesses to join me in offering their assistance in the workings.

This is magick for those who enjoy getting their hands dirty. No special effects,no photoshop,no gabbing, just regular people working the magick like you and me. Keep in mind that I will not just be showing off GD magickal workings but my own personal system i developed for over five years.

I will also be employing EA’s methods live!!..Ive worked with KOF,BOA,EE, etc with great results and will show you what i did to reach those ends…if I can so can you.

Apologies for not being so active these past months but family matters press hard on me. I do read and reply all PM’s since i lurk on here from time to time.

See you soon


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This sounds absolutely awesome! Can’t wait to hear more.

Welcome back S.V.E. ! Your presence always brings some new surprises with new freshness to this forum ! Eagerly waiting to hear more from you.

Pretty excited at what i read here. I hope i can be part of this somehow :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing your videos. It’s nice to hear from other magicians who are actually willing to share some of their methods and secrets. Many magicians will not show you their ritual work in real time and some avoid the subject when people ask for their input on effective methods.

Any update on this?