The Magician and The Circle

One night me and my coven met eachother at Margate England at the beach at 2.30am, we constructed a circle in the sand.

Once I drew a sand circle, we had a elixir of our blood of us five practitioners, we poured this blood into the indentation of the circle in the sand.

At the cardinal direction we made five feet sand watchtowers, four of the practioners, called the watchtowers each one of them embodied a element each.

I was using my demonic tongue circle opening, then the tide comes in a fish is in front of me, it’s alive out of no where, I sacrificed the life of the fish and a huge vortex in the circle opened.

I never forgot this because it was my birthday, I just stepped into the circle the blood, felt alive, the sand was breathing, the air was no longer oxygen.

The energies of the circle engulfed me, above me the lunar power of a full moon shone right over the circle, the other coven members stayed out of the circle.

I did my ritual, when I found out they didn’t enter the circle each of them were terrified but at the same time they all had different stories.

One member, said they saw my form become complete black like my body was made of black matter, the other member, felt like there was something pushing them away from the circle.

The other two said they heard my voice speak in different voices simultaneously, they all freaked out, since that day those member never entered a outdoor circle with me again.

Ah super strange still never understood any of that.


Very cool :+1::+1:

I think you may have invoked or at least stirred some sort of power.

The fact that you were already at a beach probably on the shore is symbolic of being a crossroads. Ancient magical rites that took place on the shore was said to be especially potent because the spirits could be seen easily since it was already a natural crossroads.

Add to the fact that you sacrificed a fish and gave it’s life beside it’s element.

Pretty cool bro, pretty cool, what was the purpose of the ritual if you don’t mind me asking ?