The Magical Name - The Inner Sorcerer

**What is the magical name? **

The magical name is a sort of tag or maybe title for your own self in your magical practice the magical name can be your own native like "Jacob 'or you could channel from spirits or the realms themselves, personaly azazel gave me Mine but i had created a ritual /meditation for a thread and i thought why not to post it separatly.

The magical name can be your own god name i know for me it is indeed but for some People it might not.

The magickal name is what connects you deeper into the spiritual realms and Mysteries into what i call the “inner Sorcerer” or the “inner Black magician” is what Ea koetting calls it

The Inner Sorcerer

This aspect of you is connected to your Sorcerer self which is that spiritual channeler of power and energies on earth the Sorcerer is the earthy commander.

Vibrating your own magical name while meditating to your inner Sorcerer and becoming that will bring giagantic results in your magic and spiritual practices

Channeling The Magical Name

Meditate and feel the wind around you connect to and say

“Eastern watch tower of the kingdom of the wind
of the stormy spirits and wild gods that surf through existence
coming into this earth,the malkuth of the kingdom of existence and that of the universe”

Become the wind feel your self everywhere,feel the calm flowing wind or the aggresive force of the wind and merge them together

do something like that for every element ,fire,water and earth

Something like this

“western watch tower of the kingdom of the water
of the watery oceanic spirits and sea gods that Flow through through existence
coming into this earth,the malkuth of the kingdom of existence and that of the universe"

then Focus on the akasha element which is the universe the all
,when focusing to akasha vibrate


eleven times and feel a cosmic light descending into you and feel all the powers of the universe and there simply directly ask your name which that is a name that all spirits will refrence you of,the name that you will be given is by the force of omniscience,omnipotence and omnipresence manifesting shatternly as the universe itself.

to further intensfy you can vibrate “Vlek”
and go to the void there simply solidfy again your name.

Sincerely, Xag.


I created on about a week ago. I took a Latin sentence meaningful to me, condensed it into two words, and changed the spelling for numerological significance. The first word is 93 (the number of my real name), and the second is 87.

I’m quite happy with the resulting gematria.