The Magic Mushroom

I just completed a book called The Magic Mushroom: Key to the Door of Eternity. It’s about magic mushrooms, sure, but more about one man’s quest to pursue the ability to enhance ESP in people. Lots of good stuff in there - stuff I’d been told about as a kid.

But what has me posting here is the fact that this man was approached by the government on various occasions regarding answers to the quest. And then this guy comes along who has unprovoked trances in which Thoth and the ancient Ra Ho Tep announce they want to talk about mushrooms, and then go through the motions of revealing not only what they do but the proper Egyptian ceremony on how to do it.

Then when the information was out, the two entities lost their grip on the psychic and went away. (To the psychic’s relief.)

I’m amused by this, personally. But I’m wondering if anyone else has read the book.


I haven’t read the book but it sure sounds intriguing.
One of our brothers posted a pretty interesting account of a mushroom experience here:


Actually the book does cover how eating the mushroom can give you great strength for a while. My interest is in making mushroom oil, so as to anoint the sutures of the forehead to help loosen things and make it easier to go places.

I think the book is free in some places, but if you’re the kind of person who want to support the little guy - it’s also available on Amazon. The author’s son is responsible for it.


You mean like the CIA’s Mk Ultra program?

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You goofed the title. It’s called “The sacred mushroom: Key to the door of eternity”
It’s available on
This post showing up was one hell of a synchronicity for me. I just started reading the book and so far it’s a good one.

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LOL yeah, that title there. Ha.

It does offhandedly do a very vague reference to MkUltra, but this book happens after the bulk of the early points of the program. However, a thing about the current Black Ops program that deals with the civilian units is they do indeed use a drug cocktail to enhance people’s abilities as well as keep them obedient.

Because @FraterRibeye just started the book I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I will say that I suspect that this man’s work may have helped put that part of the program into being.