The magic didn't work

So, I’m here to scold Prince Marbas. Perhaps I will cause dislike to many, as by the very fact that some beginner and dilettante dares to say something bad about a spirit so beloved by many. But I have to do it. In the end, I registered on the forum precisely in order to share my results with this spirit in the future.

To begin with, over the past two weeks I have carried out several evocations of this spirit, I cannot say that I was very exhausting myself, made serious sacrifices, or did everything with the smallest precision, as required by some famous magicians. However, I tried more than for any other spirit, I made a sacrifice, I could arouse the anger of loved ones by doing what I do if they knew.

I asked Prince Marbas one important thing - I asked for help in the driver’s license exam. It would seem that it was some kind of insignificant piece of paper, it would seem, why I could not do it myself, without someone’s help.
But I don’t think so. This was extremely important to me. My life is not in the best condition now, I do not have a job, and I was hoping to find a job with a driver’s license, I now have a personal spiritual crisis, a difficult relationship in my family. I needed a detailed victory, I wanted to win, I had to feel again that I was capable of something. I really needed it.
Before that, twice the circumstances in the exams were not in my favor. I made mistakes the first time, although the examiner was very strict, the second time I grabbed sunstroke and got behind the wheel with severe pain and fatigue. And now, the third time.
I asked not so much, I asked to give me confidence, I asked for help with the circumstances on the roads that could complicate the trip, I asked for the favor of the officials. And what I got is nothing. He just didn’t give a damn about me, as I didn’t deserve it.
And no, I’m not some kind of dilettante in driving. I sincerely believe that I am a good driver, that I deserve a driver’s license more than most of my fellow citizens. And no, I’m not one of those racers who think that they have learned to drive at high speed and think that this is enough, I am actually an adequate, prudent driver, the lives and safety of other road users are important to me, I am very worried about their lives pedestrians, who in our country often die on the roads, because I myself am, first of all, a pedestrian. I deserve this certificate.

So, yes, I was able to handle simple tests on the exercise court. But then the collapse began. The examiner began to shout, be rude to me, constantly tried to show me the mistakes that were not there, I began to worry about this. At one difficult intersection, I had to drive a little into the intersected carriageway, for which they removed almost all points at once, and after I almost proved my case, the examiner sued me when I turned off the turn signal too late at one of the turns (20-30m). Only two dubious mistakes. Little things that don’t happen to almost anyone, that examiners almost never pay attention to.

I’m at a loss. I would prefer to know the opinion of the spirit itself on this matter. But, apparently, he has nothing to do with me. A good miracle did not happen, everything happened exactly the opposite. Circumstances turned against me, people turned evil in my direction, my own nerves were on edge (which I could handle).
Of course, I’m not some kind of teenager for whom such cases are the end of the world, my life does not end there. But I don’t know what to do now, as if I have dropped one step lower (another defeat in my life).

Maybe I should ask Marbas himself? Should I continue to seek his support? I would like to hear your opinion on what to do next in such a situation.


Sometimes the examiners are shitty. I’m in the same boat as you, I can’t seem to manifest a fucking driver’s license in the physical so maybe I’m the wrong guy.

Sometimes it’s your own mental blocks that hold you back especially if you’re constantly thinking about failing.


I think failures are actually quite common, especially if you are not very experienced in evocations.

Did Marbas really come during your evocation?
Did Marbas 100% accept your request? On what terms? How did you know that? Did he tell you?

If the answer to at least one of these questions is ‘no’, then I’m sorry but the problem is not in Marbas but in your skills. Think about what you could possibly do wrong, correct it and try again. If it fails, correct it again and keep pushing forward till you get the result. Don’t give up.

I am from Russia too and I know how difficult it is to get a driver’s license. Where I live you still have to give them money even if you are a perfect driver.


So…you asked a spirit who is known to specialize in healing, and shapeshifting, for help in manipulation? No wonder your requests failed.

While the spirits of the Goetia can and do sometimes act outside of their specialized areas of expertise, it is hardly Marbas’ forte to help with a driving exam. In my opinion, you simply chose the wrong spirit for the task. King Paimon would have been more appropriate.


I second this. Why in gods name would you ask Marbas…a spirit that primarily specializes in healing folks…to help you with your driving exam? Influencing people is not in his job description whatsoever. If you drive as well as you research, your failure there was understandable honestly…


In fact, I started doing evocation rituals before I asked him specifically about it. And I was interested, first of all, in his ability to heal, astral enhancement and help in clairvoyance and clairaudience, and the ability to endow people with knowledge and skills in any area.
However, I remember reading on the forum here about how people approached him with very different requests and had success. For example, someone once performed a ritual by pasting special seals on administrative buildings in order to somehow influence politics (if I am not mistaken, something like this). I also turned to the records of V.K. Jehannum, who claims that Marbas is a great engineer and connoisseur of mechanics, from which comes his knowledge of the mechanics of the human body, and, accordingly, the ability to heal.

You can assume that I initially chose the wrong spirit. But I believe that there was nothing to say about it.


I am thinking about writing an appeal based on the exam results. Indeed, I was surprised by the examiner’s decision and behavior.

And as for success in communicating with the spirit. Then no, there was nothing, no signs, no reaction, no connection. Here you are certainly right, you shouldn’t have pinned too much of your hopes.


I second a few on here, the issue may not be with Marbas, and a different spirit could have been petitioned as well, one that specializes in courage. Anxiety/panic attacks can be scary, but a spirit the gives strength and courage may be able to help. Or one that deals with the mind itself, angel or demon.


Well, at least I don’t refuse to continue. Let’s see what will happen next.


Ahh, It looks like you asked a doctor to do engineer’s work. Its not that marbas can’t help you with drivers license but he does not specialize in it. If it was King paimon and your evocation was successful You would have seen significant results.


Practice makes perfect. If you are struggling with the driving exam then I suggest that you focus on practicing for a while.

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@Antaeon If you have friends or family with older model cars (ones without park assist features) those vehicles would be the ideal ones to practice driving on.

I’m very aware how testers are. The bigger the city the more nitpicky they are that everything has to be done perfectly.

Where I live almost no one passes the first test and half the people I know said their tester was mean :cry: so that unfortunately happens a lot.

One caution though, practice parallel parking
Using widely spaced cars at first ideally 2 friends park with loads of extra space tosqueeze in at first then gradually narrowing the gap til it is the typical size parking gap you’d find parking on a street.

Also better to try in empty parking lots or quiet side streets not on a busy road.

(I hate parallel parking but good news is unless you work in a big city once you ace the driving test you probably won’t ever have to do it again.

Practical practice plus magick or without will likely help you be less ruffled if you get another nasty testing person. (

Unfortunately odds are as bad as 50/50 of getting another nasty one next time if you live in a big city. Or if you are in such a small town that only 1 person does the tests there for everyone then odds are even worst at like 100% chance of bad tester.

But like said practice will help calm your nerves make you less flappable because you’ll know you can do it and have done it and so it’s no big deal to you because you’ll is know by having practiced you can do it.


I live in Russia right now and had a driver’s license in the US with no difficulties on the exam at all. I looked at the Russian exam and decided that there is no way. I can drive with no problem, but the exam seems designed to make people fail.


Maybe ask around to people you know there who drive how they managed to pass (if you know people-coworkers,friends,relatives).

I don’t want to give wrong information they’d know how it worked for them. (I’ve heard rumours that in Russia nothing gets done without someone being bribed. Don’t go that route unless you hear from a lot of people that they had to bribe someone to pass though because if you do and rumour is wrong you could go to jail)

Maybe befriend some examiners? Go hang out where they do (like whatever pub/bar they go to) but be casual if you do). They might give some valuable tips if you play your cards right if you can befriend some.

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Ultimately, I decided that it isn’t worth it to get a license. Unlike the US, I can easily get everywhere I need to go without a car. You are right, though, that my friends here would be able to provide good suggestions.

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Well, I passed the exam because my father knew some people. And he literally told me where to go and who I had to contact. Some of my friends had to pay money, others also relied on connections. Although I remember an ex-colleague of mine who tried to pass an exam on his own. When I left the job he was trying to pass the exam for the 5th or 6th time. I don’t know if he ever got his DL.

On the other hand, when I used to work with foreigners none of them had ever told me they had to pay for their licenses or had difficulties passing the test. The majority of people in Russia do not speak English and tend to feel stupid and intimidated in front of foreigners. Maybe passing the exam will be easier for you than for the locals unless you make some crucial mistakes because lowkey they are much more afraid of you than you are of the exam. Besides, looking at how many drivers we have from the post-Soviet countries like Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (who are not treated well in Russia in general, unfortunately) and they manage somehow, I’d say that a US or EU citizen should pass the exam with little problem.

That’s true. In 99% of cases, it’s faster, cheaper and easier to use public transportation or get a taxi.


Interesting! I was just wondering yesterday how the drivers from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan get their licenses when the test is so hard. I assume that I’d have to speak Russian to the tester, and that makes me look stupid pretty fast. (In fact, one time, when I went to get my blood tested, the nurses gave me some really mean looks when they saw my tattoos and listened to how I was speaking strangely. Then, when I said that I was a foreigner, they were so friendly, and we all became good friends. I’m pretty sure they thought I was a drug addict at first.)

I have friends who work in the theater, so it makes sense that they need to drive, since they are leaving work after the metro closes. I have no reason to have a car and plenty of reasons why I shouldn’t. So, it is okay.

When I was driving with an Armenian taxi driver after that unsuccessful exam, he said that he received the rights by giving a bribe and being intoxicated. Today an acquaintance said that his son handed in 5 times, and handed over only after a bribe. The director of the driving school where I studied offered me to hand over a bribe to the examiner, but I refused, because I count on my strength.

Yes, corruption is the scourge of our society.

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Personally, I find it rather difficult even to communicate with police officers in our country. I hate cops fiercely. I myself have a legal education and even worked for several years in the prosecutor’s office of our city. And I can say that even prosecutors hate police officers, although they are part of this entire system.

Perhaps, with the serious intercession of some particularly powerful demons like King Paimon, I could somehow at least get to know one of the examiners. But it’s hard to imagine if we’re not talking about magic. And this despite the fact that I already have many acquaintances in law enforcement, and even my once best friend is a policeman.

Like others have said, Marbas isn’t really the guy for this job. I think you might need to focus on improving your luck since it seems like more of an integrity thing and nit2 so much skill based. Try the Words of Power by Damon Brand. He has a ritual in there to improve your luck. Its very effective from my experience. These rituals are really simple and only need to be done once. You can find it on Amazon Kindle.