The Mage’s Plight

My crime was neither theft nor murder.

T’was not rape or incest at all.

I lived my life in civility and kindness.

And yet you branded me as a devil.

I opened up the age old tomes,

And spoke those ancient sacred words.

I constructed the magic circle,

And carved the primordial symbols.

I invoked the spirits of the aether,

And sought the knowledge divine.

I called on the ancient gods above,

Who watched over my ancestors.

I opened the gates of the heavens,

To let flow the powers above.

To bring an end to this blight,

And to bring peace to the land.

You shriek in unfounded terror,

At the powers that descend from above.

You called them demons and devils,

And spat at them with every curse.

You saw the ancient sylvan spirits.

Rise from their fairy mounds.

And burnt their sacred groves.

Die, Die, Spawn of the Devil!”

You shouted in hatred and fury.

“May God condemn your unholy souls!”

And thus, you have broke the pact I made.

I asked for wisdom. You gave me ignorance.

I sought after knowledge. You enforced the faith.

I came to bring peace. You committed acts of violence.

I was taken and held down.

My wrists tied behind my back.

Locked in chains for seven days.

And seven nights I despaired.

I opened the gates save our lives,

From the blight that consumes us.

But through the actions of ignorance,

Our salvation has been uprooted.

Death has become our destiny.

To die at the hands of one you call God,

Because you feared the devil he created.

In the darkness, I have decided,

To resent in bitterness the race of man.

On at the morn, I am to burn,

In the pyre by the church.

I now see the crime I committed.

The sin I have grievously done,

Was to lift up the veil of stars,

And to challenge the ego of one named God.


Sounds like your plight, but doesn’t speak to me, sorry… Not this mage.

I never believed in “sin”. Or anything else any Abrahamic religion or the people that follow them ever said.

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You’re taking it to seriously.

I’m using sin ironically. No I don’t believe in it myself.