The Lord's Prayer Reversed Reworked

so i’ve been doing some digging and came across this ritual, where you recite the lords prayer in reverse before going to bed for 3 consecutive nights.
phonetically written prayer was given, which i also saw here on the forum.
the thing is, after going through the reversed prayer in reverse, i found that it seemed to have some mistakes in it, apparently it works fine, but i’m a bit of a stickler for that sort of stuff, so i took it upon myself to go through the original prayer again to reverse it as best as i could. I can’t really use all the symbols on the letters to show how they would be pronounced, but i hope it still makes sense without them…anyway, here goes:

Nemma! Livee Morf Suh Ruviled Tub, Noichiatpmet Oohtni Suh Deel Dna; Suh Tsnaga Sapsert Oohw Sohth Vigrof Eew Sa, Sessapsert Rua Suh Vigrof Dna; Derb Eeliad Rua Eead Sith Suh Vig. Neveh Ni Si Ti Sa Thrreh Nah, Nud Eeb Liu I’th. Muck Mudgnik I’th. Mien I’th Eeb Dwollah, Neveh Ni Tra Oohw Rrthaf Rua.


Very interesting. Sounds great