The Lord Aesza's Daily Practice: How to Be a God

So, I know a lot of you are wondering how I acquired so much godlike power at the young age of 23, so much to be an adept magus and be building an order (OADLM) with two other adepts and a Temple (ToVD) with those same initiates. Well it comes down to two things. Consistence and Practice.

I’ve worked with over 140 demons, entities, deities and spirits and I’m sure to commune with them on a daily basis. I have practiced Alchemy, Kundalini Yoga and Left Hand Path Tantra for over 4 years as well. So what goes into my daily practice and what helps me keep consistent with it.

I wake up in the morning and consume the stagnant energy from sleep with tantric and energy work methods and then I use alchemy to transmute the energy to my will. Thats first thing in the morning and I can’t even wake up without doing it so It must be done.

Then after eating a light meal, I take my mala beads, light incense, light at least one candle in my temple and recite Aum Namah Shivaya 108 times and Aum Krim Mahakalikayai Namaha 108 times, then taking the incense ashes i place them on my third eye and meditate for 30 minutes. This has always opened up my connection to the conscious faculties I require to do my work for the rest of the day and the meditation helps me to keep in constant link to my gnosis and black flame.

Then I do a set of breathing and yogic asanas for strengthening and releasing more of the kundalini energy and my black flame. This is imperative for the strength of my magick throughout the day, usually done in a Daemonic on the fly method, but sometimes I will later do a ritual working.

After this I do a tantric practice I invented wherin I visualize removing all of my bodily organs until I am only skeleton and black flame. From there I do a 20 minute open eye meditation, invoking my satanic will, my daemon and my astral home, Prithus, through my body, expanding my energy body to the size of the cosmos and using the black flame to replace the reality around me with my desired reality. This practice alone has changed my entire way of percieving in general as well as altering my gaze and supplanted my true energy body, apart from the mundane into my vessel.It is a must do when I am living with mundanes because their minds tend to think of others as mundane as they are and this can affect work done on the energy body if one has slept around them.

After this I honor, hail and praise the Dark Mother of ALL, the Dark Gods and Demons of counter-creation and the abyss, Death, The Dragon, The Dark Lord,Chaos, The Void, My Daemon once more, the Black Flame, and The Court of Hell, Invoking the Kliffot, (Liftoach Kliffot) and the Ziffot (Liftoach Ziffot), and begin my work for the day. This is done as a way of ensuring the psychic links and alchemy i have made with spirits remains potent.

All of this is done within about 3 hours after awakening.

Later on in the day I will work whatever working I need in my temples as well as invoke or evoke whatever entity I am working with at the time and make sure that the rest of my work is done so that I have a clear mind for the ritual. Right now I am working with the Tree of Wyrd along with the Ziffot and it is refining my will to tremendous degrees.

The results of this daily practice are that I am in an energetic state of bliss, my third eye is the eye of the dragon in the void and i feel a pleasurable buzz throughout my body. My astral home overlays this reality at some times and any time i do magick on the fly or otherwise it feels like sex. My alchemical state and my Daemon is one with me at many times and I have understood and am working towards my true will as a Satanic Force of Countercreation. This is the kind of daily practice that gets results.


Sounds similar to my regimen
Fuck yes :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::fire::fire::fire:



Hey there guys, what is: Liftoach Ziffot???

It is opening the Ziffot a tree beyond the kliffot

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Is this the Vampire Tree? Do you have any good links about the Ziffot?

I have a direct source whos an adept I work with regularly. Not sure where you’d find info but here


Wow thanks a lot @Lord_Aesza

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