The longer I practice, the more real it gets

Do you guys ever feel like the more you practice the occult, talk to spirits, talk to other magicians, that the reality of it seems to sink in more? There are still things I’m skeptical of but I’m pretty convinced on the existence of external energetic intelligences (spirits), the source, ghosts, the afterlife, the malleability of reality, etc. I think one of the great aspects of BALG is that people will share their experiences on here and we can help each other interpret them and usually, there are some amazing synchronicities! @Raven_Maleficus and I discovered one last night with a rune that he had encountered. So many cool omens and synchronicities on here.


Sure, there are no coincidences but causalities for those who understand the erratic order of things




Yes, and it seems like everything ties into each other after a while. You wonder why one thing happened and then maybe a couple of weeks or months later something happens and then you realize why the first thing happened.


Yea maybe I’m crazy but it feels like nothing is real or unreal. It feels like everything is connected and reality is created by Mind. But what do I know I’m just an humble heathen?


In my 9 years of shamanic training/kundalini awakening, everyday my capacity increases. Many times I’ve come way too close to the edge. I’ve realized what we’re doing is literally training our body/mind to hold a charge, the more we practice, the higher that charge density becomes. The more we establish channels for our emotions, the higher our emotional coherence becomes, that emotional coherence is qi to generating charge. The more connections we make through meaningful synchronicities, the more they will start to pile on.

How far this goes depends on you. Some people can’t handle too much, so they have unconscious barriers to protect their sense of identity(sanity?)[HA!]

Keep going, don’t stop, push the limits, break the boundaries, lose yourself, find everything, give way to your inevitable end and fulfill your spiritual need for purpose. This is the way.


Yes I was just about to post about this. It just becomes so…so real that spirits just begin to materialize and it’s like “Oh okay. What’s up Marbas.” And it’s just something that’s become completely normal.
(Speaking of which I owe him a thank you in the Thanking spirits thread)
And then there’s like little moments where that “logic” tries to kick in and is like wait… I’m talking to demon kings… wait.
And you just can’t make sense of it! It’s so apart of every day life.


Even if one were to put magick aside, the skeptic could still understand (in theory) the idea that the world is not what we perceive it to be. We don’t see the full spectrum of light and the thing that we see as three-dimensional space is more of a concept that we’ve agreed upon over the course of our evolution. We literally interpret our surroundings as different than what they truly are.

I could go on about Time being a unit of measurement based on gravity and motion as well. That adds another layer to the idea that our mundane experience of the world is not entirely accurate.

So yes, technically, reality is created by our own perception…and i’m sure collective consciousness comes into play somewhere in there.


In some instances, while following instructions, I catched glimpses of progress but oddly had doubts about wanting it. Perhaps (besides a bit of laziness) I had the impression to “make things up”? I know this isn’t necessarily the case; in fact, fantasy and imagination have their importance in Magic.
If it is a “reality” issue, well, the point is that of changing realities I’m dissatisfied with. I should be watchful for self sabotage… and in case, definitely, keep on with Magical work.


@fapa79 Dont worry yourself about believing you are making things up, its a coping mechanism to avoid falling into naivety. Think of it this way; if you had ALL the knowledge there is it must lead you to action to be considered meaningful, if you attain an immense amount of power/energy it must be gift a direction so that it doesn’t stagnate. Make everything you do have a purpose, yours, if it hasn’t is turned meaningless, once it served its purpose move on.


Yeah then you forget it’s not real to other people and start talking about it, forgetting they have no idea what your talking about lol

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