The little voices in your head

Help for someone in need of spirit attachment removal beyond some of the techniques I’ve already seen here.

From what I’ve seen and read over the years, I doubt highly that demons, once evoked, just randomly stick around for the fun of it. At least not the ones that are functional in the sense of helping produce magickal outcome. The daemonic are not those that are roused and will be the excess baggage so to speak that some may refer to as the vampiric type, or parasitic.

While there is no immediate remedy for these unwanted and life-disruptive entities, there are ways some have been able to cope. In trying to assist with removal of some of these for someone, I’ve found that only mundane remedies seem to alleviate their issue.

Suggestions of such things spiritual or Magickal, divine chants, meditations, visualization, binding banishing, incensing and smudging are for the amateur, and yield no long term helpful result. Psychiatric meds, recovery from addictive substances and leading an otherwise normal and healthy lifestyle do not seem to help the seemingly spiritual attack.

What is the source of your voices? Where did they come from, what are they (I.e. human spirit, earth spirit, daemonic, other?) and if you’ve had success with remedies to alleviate someone, what method worked. I need something helpful to pass on that can help. Not sure what he did wrong, but I can’t help until I figure out how he was exposed, and I can’t seem to feel energetically what he is dealing with. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and for your input.

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Sorry, not sure what you’re talking about. I did once have audio hallucinations until I started taking an anti psychotic.

You could call on a higher power to perform an exorcism over the afflicted person. Even distance exorcisms exist.


What was your friend into? Many doorways and portals exist. Sometimes of free will, or a feeling of being cornered, or fear of going to hell and trying to make friends. Reasons why Im here. Tarot, astrology, runes, etc can be a doorway. Music and video games are now doorways (thanks a lot after we fought off congress in the 80s to stop a musical witch hunt).

Angels may be a possible aid, the shemhamphoresh angels can be called upon by invocation through a couple prayers, a vibration (speak only from diaphragm) of their name and description, and reading a verse from a psalm that they are associated with.

I can look some up if you’re interested.

Long distance exorcisms, similar to prayer and invocation rituals, may be a good bet.


Has your friend been checked by psychiatry? Not just a regular doctor, but a psychiatric doctor?


Was going to say the same thing

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Yes, of course… orthodox psychiatry and psychic therapy specifically have not yielded any positive result. His mental attacks are beyond what you or I could imagine. The voices attempt to forcibly and boundlessly beg for his cooperation… “work with us…” “worship us and we’ll leave you alone…” which are typical of vampiric spirit attachments. But these leaches are strong and laugh at his attempts to move beyond them. I don’t know how to help when nothing I have suggested helped.

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His door and portal is he himself… these entities come through him, in his head and probably from former drug abuse and dabbling in spiritual works without protection…

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Have tried that already, unfortunately

I cringe at saying this, but sometimes art opens up doorways, such as automatic writing/sketching. The complete problem with it is passivity of the mind, if we aren’t taming our mind, we are letting it run amok. What I mean by art and especially automatic art is trying out a pen to see if it works, then letting your mind go blank while you keep doodling. Sometimes a person can be forced to draw a spirit sigil.

Obviously most of us don’t have problems with using sigils … even though Im afraid of messing up with the spirits.

Just read your response. Have your friend attend a group called Celebrate Recovery, it can be very helpful.