The Litany of Beelzebub on Demonic Abyssal Tongue

The Litany of Beelzebub on Demonic Abyssal Tongue

I and beelzebub worked a lot together,i had got through his kingdoms awaken his legions,possessed him and been possessed by him,learned sky scrying called his top demons and familiars,get to know his abyssal friends and much more with him.

once upon a night the seed of darkness vibrated and a yawn upon the darkness was heard the abyss opened within me and around me,beelzebub came,he wanted to teach me his litany on demonic abyssal tongue a dialect named “Akurman’Lantasa”.

later i been partially possesed by this gatekeeper and begun chanting and writing at the same time the demonic litany below,this litany is potent as hell upon my first conciouss repeatation of the litany which when i was not possesed by him,i had felt the darkness within me and around me being transformed into Beelzebub’s Darkess and energy by the first repeatation.

The Litany

aslo keep in mind that all these incantacion should in whispered in a serpentary whispering way and the bolded writing should be vibrated.

“Om ists ulastavavlav
Mahni jionis mantiris out’tus out’taris mouti servala
Awchi manhka in itz servala alal
awshivintz awsmi jerk’den outie mahka salutla dek’dork
Sata’jana’una’sata mahkan selentala sentalanaz malan’senz dio durk mahja oujo tek’manis tes sorvalis spacha oom sata sentiz o’sta oom yaktan mahka skatta setta oom
En’spirlay yekta oon sutz sperkalis oos sentaza mahkio kolo satz delentonioz sata oon’spoon sata Jey’rkilla oman’omenz jsu skra ta deu fru la tu shakta skenetenez on manis servala onjinis skata
Om sutz Beelzebuth
Om sats Beelzebuth
On ka beelzebut sata’unza oom sata oom ula oom belzebub
Zanda beelzebub or’ins beelzebub sata oucha oom
Oom satinolas beelzebub letarah oontza u
Skanzi ootsa beelzebub oon beelzebub skata beelzebub untla

Oh paynih beelzebub satiola letarah oontza u
Skara intiz manta oom”


Thanks for sharing Xag.

Totally cool

I had to ask Beelzebub himself to check and make sure the Demonic Abyssal Tongue use was safe to vibrate and speak aloud. He said ,“yes” when I asked it was safe to vibrate and speak aloud. I asked if it was from him. He also said “yes” and told me “to get the book.”
The BALG book “The Black Witch”.

I only did this because for example, black magick mantras in Sanskrit, when vibrated, stay on and in the soul even into future lifetimes. Obviously one does not want this, as it would mean the curse stays on your soul.
One needs a white magick or neutralizing mantra vibrated immediately afterwards to get rid of the effects of the black magick mantra when vibrated.

That being said, I respectfully thank you for your hard work and sharing this Tongue with us. It is very powerful and I can feel it from vibrating and the words emanate a powerful Demonic energy.