The Link Between Hermes and Pan

People have a tendency to link Hermes and Thoth, but I found a neat video on Hermes that he actually was originally Pan. Overly Sarcastic Productions is a great way to get to understand mythology and history.


I love the channel videos, the myths are great.

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In the current 131 :heart: Pan :heart: is linked to Loki. Maybe interests you too


Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Got me thinking about other links, too.

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I love overly sarcastic productions she does a great job retelling myths

However there are so many Hermes stories I was really hoping she would go into more of them instead of just the one that everyone knows

So the link between Hermes and Thoth is not unfounded people didn’t pull that out of their rears and research confirms this

Pan is not unfounded either

It really depends on how you’re looking at Hermes and from which region

If you’re looking at Hermes as a master magician and teacher of hidden knowledge then it makes sense he could also be seen as Thoth

However if you’re looking at his wild association with nature then it makes sense to associate him with Pan

In the end it’s up to the operator to decide for themselves how they wish to see any diety or archetype


I tend to find that when it comes to Gods and demons and such there’s always going to be a “this god was really this god” mainly because common association though Greek did take quite a bit from Egypt, however. I don’t think Pan, Hermes, or Thoth are the same entity they’re not even the same type of being Thoth was considered a primordial God of knowledge and the moon. While Hermes was a messenger of the gods which Thoth was not, and Pan was far more in relevance than hermes but that’s just my opinion.

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I wouldn’t say that Pan was for more in relevance, as his worship was really only in Arcadia. Even the Romans never thought Pan had an equivalent in their own pantheon. I think it’s very plausible that Hermes and Pan were a single entity that split, given the evidence in the video, but I definitely agree that he isn’t Thoth, Odin, or any of the other gods the Romans have tried to link him to.

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He’s well known among pagan worshippers while hermes not so much but Pan was also compared with Dionysus or an underling of Dionysus. Although, I do see your point.

I have to agree with you there those connections make no sense for him to be Thoth or Odin or anyone else.

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Pan is the son of Hermes with the nymph Dryope.

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