The Liminal Journal

Pass through a doorway, touch the side and say “this is a doorway”. You are now in a liminal space, a threshold. The journey begins anew…

Things I’ve learned these past eleven months?

Thoughts are things. We can make our thoughts our reality.

Words have power. Say negative things enough times to yourself and you’ll believe them.

Don’t give anyone else the right to have power over you: don’t let their words become the words about you, and don’t let their thoughts poison you and become a thing.

I left my abusive ex once I started practicing magic again: with sex magick, spirits, and the power of my Will, I made others believe I am a goddess, I improved my confidence immeasurably with glamour and Thought, and I’m still here, no longer spiritually oppressed, but a powerful sorceress and spirit-worker.

Also: I’m really happy I found this forum.


I bought the book Mystical Words of Power by Damon Brand a month or so ago. My success has been hit or miss. For example, I did the Uncover Honest Feelings sigil for one of my crushes, but someone else confessed their feelings rather than the target.

On the 20th, I did the ritual for “Catch a Glimpse of Possible Futures”. It is the liminal time, so this made sense = when light turns to dark, when every secret wish inside a heart can come true.

The whole past three days have been nothing but omens and intuitive hits, for example, on the 20th, I had a vision of an old friend of mine while I was shopping in his former department, a flash of him in my third eye. He was supposed to be there. Only he wasn’t, and I felt my heart break, surrounded by crowds of people who didn’t see me in my apron, besides a prop to be moved across the stage as they wished.

That night, I sent him a text, wishing him a happy solstice. It turned out his car broke down and he’s stranded in town for the next week…

This guy was my emotional support during much of my divorce process, and we used to hug constantly whenever we saw one another. He is a kindred spirit. Though we did not get romantically involved, as he had a long term girlfriend at the time, he did confess at one point that he had a crush on me, though neither of us did anything about it.

There was someone else, a long time ago now, who I had a psychic link with, but a frenemy took care of that by telling him a lie about me that he believed, much to my sorrow. And though I am still connected with him, the cards only say “be patient”. Well, no thanks. I’m not very patient.

Anyway… see, I’m already distracted by my own tale. Great things have been happening! Strange and magical things, signs and omens, synchronicities and wonders.

Like I said, mixed results. I’ve done several of the rituals in the book, and forgotten them, yet they’ve come to pass: my boss sees me as a leader, I’m the closing lead, people think my ideas at work are wonderful, etc. Yesterday(the 21st) I found a raven feather, just like the raven feather I found last year, around the time I planned to leave my abusive ex. Ravens are everywhere where I live, but I never started finding their feathers until I started practicing magick again. So I know it was a message for me.

Every New Moon, I contact my ancestors and my spirits, and sit with them awhile for a chat with my pendulum and letter board. Well, I did the ritual for possible futures the day before, and in the middle of communing with my spirits, I managed to stammer out, “I think N wants to talk to me–” and was pulled into a vision, of what may come to pass.

–N is a coworker who practices witchcraft. In the vision, we were talking as he restocked the blueberry cooler. We were talking about the spark inside a person, the way witches recognize one another, and how witches fall in love. On the other side of the cooler are the registers, and I saw a man there, who made eye contact with me, and I knew that he had the “spark” inside of him, and his spirit knew my spirit… and then it was done.

And today I found another raven feather in my path, waiting for me.

That’s all for now, but I’ll keep going with this.

Oh fuck. It works.

You’ll know this moment well, some of you.

So, back to Mystical Words of Power. I did the ritual to increase psychic connection with someone I already have what can best be described as “an empathic/intuitive psychic link with that also increases my prescience when I’m PMS’ing or menstruating”. So half the month, lol. I’ll call this dude Bargain Store Ben Affleck, aka BSBA, cause he looks like BA’s Batman.

I discovered that upon making the charms, I linked up with the Warrior, and later down the road, I linked up with the Guardian. I don’t get impressions or emotions from them, like I do with BSBA, which is a good thing, because…

Yesterday I started out in an absolutely fantastic mood. My hair was done up good, my makeup was on fleek, my outfit and all around vibe was buzzing with “magnetic witch”. And it worked for about five hours, until I had a sugar crash and had to run to my car to eat my breakfast(a granola bar and a biscotti). As soon as I got back into the employee hallway, I suddenly got swamped by feelings that weren’t my own. They were BSBA’s feelings. It was like a tsunami of sadness hit me and wiped out every single happy thought I’d had, leaving me completely drained.

Be careful what you wish for.