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September group 2013[/b]

Good Morning to all

I’ve decided to see if opening a monthly work-group for the purpose of “practicing” evocations would be a good way to kick start your own ascent(as well as mine) This is open to everyone.

This would be a month long journey taking you step by step in reaching a definitive goal of complete manifestation of the chosen spirit. From preparatory immersion(lots o’ research), sigil scrying, substantial contact, Divination, black mirror “evocation”,and finally, physical evocation.

This would be done in a group manner. In a sense, a digital magickal order.

Keep in mind that I am no expert nor the ascended master. I am here to learn and continue to obtain knowledge as you are, regardless of background,age,race,etc…Do you think EA has completed his education?..of course not. He’s still ascending,continuing to push his own boundaries and reaching for that elusive “stone of the wise”, irrespective of the catch phrases “left hand or right”. Accension is still Accension either way. each of us can learn from the other no matter where your magickal life is at the moment. The words “noob” or “newbie” are non-existent to me. These are wine labeling bullshit from those who prefer the group think and have a need to segregate themselves(there’s enough segregation and separatism in the world already, and now in the magickal community?..fuck that)

Here’s a lesson plan I have in mind:

) Five members will completely “COMMIT” themselves to the month long work. Think long and hard within yourself,am I ready to actually practice instead of just reading or posting?..I have put EA’s method to the test(daily) and guess what…IT WORKS!. Not only that, but I have completed two Mead notebooks filled with spirit communication and information that I have verified on my own and proven to myself that what I received was not my own creation. COMMITMENT is the first and only requirement. Discrimination is not a magickal keyword in my book.

1.) Week one - Opening of and the use of your astral senses through simple daily ritual work. Prep immersion of a chosen entity of your own choice. No more conjecture, its time to throw the match unto the already existing flame within you.

) Week two - Divination: I’ve met so many wonderful people on this forum that believe their divining skills will never produce results. Not so, what we need here is PRACTICE,PRACTICE,AND MORE PRACTICE. I do a reading for you and in turn you do one for me. Each member in turn will do readings non-stop for a whole week and post your results,impressions,etc…we conclude by doing a pathworking of a chosen major arcana card all together. No one is left alone(or behind)

) Week Three - Sigil and mirror Scrying: Producing results with a mirror, construction thereof, week long practice of chosen entities we all want to work and communicate with. If you want Belial great, so shall I, how about Raphael, fine,etc…compare notes and see what we have attained in so much as knowledge that is applicable and not your imagination.

) Week four - physical Evocation workforce: All members decide what entity to evoke physically(together) on an appointed date/time. Compare experiences.

If a member is having issues with scrying,astral vision/hearing,tarot,evocation, we all drop everything and help out the person like a human being and not post any BS.


) Private Newgroup/forum: thats right, this is old school. all posts will be private except for the members. Remember - ANYONE CAN JOIN THIS SMALL GROUP MONTHLY…ANYONE.

) weekend private chat session with members online (KEEPING DISCUSSION ONLY TO THE WORK AT HAND) got this idea from Jason newscomb who holds a weekend online chat/video sessions on pathworking which I attend.

) Group Sigil to be created by all members for future members to benefit from the previous work(if you dont know what I’m talking about think carefully what this might mean)

This is all about putting to practice what EA has provided us with. Its about putting in motion what his knowledge can help us attain.

If you have read my posts you have seen/read that I do practice what EA’s videos teach. I love practice and experimentation. I love rituals and having spirits at my side aiding me while learning. If this is you please PM me privately for any questions. Please do not comment on this thread.


I’m interested and want to get involved, but my participation may be hit and miss due to my current circumstances.

Group members for the month of September

) Thorn
Michael Smith
) Obethencourt

For October 2013

1.) Nereid

We are to begin on the 5th of September 2013

UPDATE: I have just created a simple minimalist Forum and i’m in the process of setting up all the details. Also I have a cool chat session page with video for weekend discussions. Creating some graphics on the side to personalize the experience.

The above mentioned will receive a PM with forum links and chat links/passwords this Saturday.

To Obethencourt : I speak Spanish,some German, and some latin (and on good days I can even do some Riverdance) Ni te precupes, si es mejor para ti que yo hable espanol esta viene. Soy Cubano-Americano asi que me espanol esta bien.

To Icarus: No problem - do you have space/air in front of you?..then you can evoke…at the very least follow along with the group as we work on EA’s paradigm all together for real results. No one is left behind here.

Same here. I’m working full time and going to school full time. I’d love to be involved but I don’t want to commit then have to drop out. Hopefully when I graduate I can get involved. I think it’s an awesome idea.

thanx Orion

As long as I get five per month it should work and continue

it’s not the issue of space/air as much as it is of privacy/anonymity. all the projects I do I either do in complete privacy or arrange things in a way that I can just pass it off as something else. though I’m trying to find a way to practice daily and still not give away any clue as to what I’m actually doing. I will participate as much as possible.

Stupidly excited for this, prepping for it already. Thanks for starting this S.V.E!

Icarus- I sympathize with your position, I’m in a similar one myself. Fortunately for me my job requires me to be up late, so I usually conduct my rituals around 1 or 2 in the morning when everyone else is asleep. When I have to do it during the day hours, I just pass it off as meditation if someone walks in on me, and keep my voice as low as possible. Do you not have access to at least one room where you can have some privacy?

I really like your ambition and your plan, S.V.E. I hope you guys will share at least some of your results with us. :slight_smile:

my room is shared with 3 roommates… though I have access to the bathroom by myself lol. I’ve done a couple of evocations in there with decent results. the only problem is on my end. I find evoking spirits in a bathroom slightly disrespectful, so I tend to just wait until circumstance and luck allows me to be alone for a while.

One little trick to this might be to simply create an astral temple as I did a few years back using the method in Jason Newscombs book “new Hermetics”.

It’s’ a great book that presents practical magick from a NLP perspective (Neurolinguistic Programming"). It may sound as a new age cheesy approach,but its methods are sound and are workable. Creating your own astral temple not only will allow you to work on the issues .you are concerned about, but also all your senses will quickly develop as a result of your effort.

In either case, keep an open mind to the myriad approaches in handling your own situation. It does suck when you have so many roommates around, but can they invade your privacy inside your head?.

I heard about that book yesterday. I’ll definitely be downloading this weekend.

My hope will be that those that make an effort in working towards attaining results,like me, will post very long results on here with pics and inspire others to do the same. EA provided the barebones, now its up to us to add the flesh and blood.

Big thanx to Redcircle for advice…:slight_smile:

and of course, I will continue to post my own excursions into the darkness on here. BALG is my home.

All September participants have been PM with forum details,links,video/chat passwords,etc…

October’s group has already been filled

any questions just PM me.

[quote=“S.V.E, post:13, topic:1669”]All September participants have been PM with forum details,links,video/chat passwords,etc…

October’s group has already been filled

any questions just PM me.[/quote]

Goddamn, I can’t believe I just passed up this work opportunity. I wasn’t even reading this thread, guess I goofed on this one hahaha. Actually, I been writing a mythos so I guess that can explain it.

This is an excellent idea SVE. Probably the best effort I have seen on the forum thus far. I would like to follow along with your groups progress. Can you send me the link to you forum.

Hi Phorbabor

You can join the group in November as September/October is filled(five to a month). The purpose being, having a small group will narrow the focus and prevent any confusion and/or “straying” from the purpose at hand, being the practice of evocation(in all its parts). The forum is actually taking shape and form(much as it happens with physical evocation.)

If interested just PM me…


for those in the September group, I have just completed a five page article titled “Star of the Ages” to jump start our roll in developmental Magickal senses.

Additionally some interesting links and further boards/categories/threads have been added.

Further, I will be uploading my own tutorial video on a few rituals of interest, including an evocation, in HD. This will not be on youtube.

we all begin tomorrow…

happy after-labor day to all

lets get back to work!

UPDATE: Video chat session will be held this Saturday the 14th…PM’s have been sent to all concerned. Video tut’s will be uploaded in October.

Greetings to all concerned

After some long weeks enduring medical issues and running my own business, not to mention writing up articles and two book titles, has taken its toll on me, however I endureth and press on with this venture of our own.

A few notes concerning this group

My aim here is to assist and collaborate with each of you in the hopes of bringing out the best of each one magickally. This means that work,effort, and practice is a necessity. In the quest for any knowledge the adage of “he/she who knoweth him/herself will gain the understanding of the ancients”. Breaking open the seals of mystical wisdom is a lifelong process. Nothing in life is free. There are no short cuts as some believe.

And so I am hoping more and more each day that those who pursue this little group and embrace it completely will benefit in some way…

Tomorrow i will post my second week exercise of walking thu(or a walk thru) of the Sephira of Yesod. also, I will incorporate a great ritual that has assisted me in many ways called " Ascending the Spheres" which is a modded version of the Supreme Invoking rite of the pentagram(without all the trappings)…Then I will also post a personal ritual titled “the Collapsing Ball of power” which will bring your “true powers” up fifty-fold…for white and black hearted magicians of any experience level. All the above will assist in strengthening your magickal resolve many times over.

I am also pleased to announce that my first two tutorial videos will be up and running on the 27th of September EST(2 and 7 =9). They will be in complete HD with great sound. As to a physical evocation I will be summoning Sastan after careful consideration. He was the first I really made substantial contact with and also the one who provided me with a wealth of information that is becoming one of my books. Just received all my new HD video equipment along with high grade studio condenser and dynamic mic’s to capture every audible nuance.

My temple is also my recording studio so each and every evocation/ritual I perform i literally move out all equipment/guitars/drums and then give the floor a really good vinegar and water “despojo” sweep. A magicians road is ladened with gold and a good trusty mop.

again, I thank all those who understand my current situation and recent forum lag, but I am back now.

Stay safe

UPDATES for the following months:

for October:


Let’s get this started. I am excited to partake.