The LBRP and the World Computer

Hey All ,

Here is my analysis and experience with the LBRP and some of my thoughts on it , this can be applied to other rituals aswell , but i will talk about the LBRP as i have the most experience with it.
Also i talk about the technicalities of it and why it works etc.
Also i will talk about the other elements Air , Fire, Water, banishing and invoking too and my experience with each banishing and invoking.
However im not an expert on it.

Also I present some technical questions.

Ok so a quick recap on what the the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram)

  1. The Qabalistic cross
  2. The drawing of the banishing pentagrams of earth in the four quarter’s and each pentagram is followed by doing the sign of the enterer and a hebrew god name being vibrated (traditional golden dawn version)
  3. The Evocation of the 4 Archangels in the quarters, the vibrating of their names.
  4. “For about me flames the pentagram and within me shines the 6 ray’ed star”
  5. The Qabalistic cross again.

Ok so the LBRP is to clear the space for magickal workings and removes any negative energies in the space.
Not only in the circle but it also carries over into the magicians life , you will have negative types stay away from you , or get sent away from you.
Like a bubble of protection of some sorts , now obviously this is not impenetrable but it is a serious level of protection for most mundane things and its results are noticeable and observable.

A few things I wonder about myself that (if any body has any insight into i would love to hear about) are these next few points.

So you do the LBRP and insert this protection in the Computer known as the world computer(or to sound cooler…the world matrix…puts glasses on…deal with it…)via sound vibration ,will and visualization and pentagrams.

  1. By what process are things deemed to be negative to the magician?
  2. How is it decided what to protect the magician from.
  3. How does the universe or world know that you drew a banishing earth pentagram instead of an invoking earth pentagram(I know this may sound quite stupid as im sure the universe is infinitely intelligent and aware)

So also on the other hand what does the universe or world computer deem necessary to bring into our lives if we draw the invoking earth pentagram.

Is it the god names or angel(or demon) names we call on that protect us or is it the banishing earth pentagrams?..or both?

Or is this more of a case of changing our mindset to allow us to bring things into our lives in accordance with an LIRP…as in the LIRP is changing our mental state and aligning it to more of a state of Earth.
So essentially are we changing the world around us or are we changing ourselves…or is it a combination of both?

But also make no mistake if you are up shit creek this ritual will offer you protection.

Results i have noticed from LIRP on a psychological and mental level is,
I will get insights into things, little revelations in the mind about things , esoteric or not, and also i think a speeding up of the mental processes leading to more profound thoughts.

Now maybe this is because I think alot or is it the result of any magickal path,
a speeding up of the mind.
But I do think the LIRP plays a role in aiding this process and making it go a little faster, the peeling off of the onion layers of the mind and facilitating growth,
and also i feel it helps with freedom of thought.

Next we will look at invoking and banishing , Water, Air , Fire.

This for me is a little harder to talk about as it is I think harder to see the results of invoking of these elements instead of Earth which i find easier.


Ok so my experience with air has been , words flow more freely from you and so too do ideas , kind of like smoking some weed , or getting a little drunk, you sometimes just enter into this giddy state of mind and sometimes talk shit(not in a bad way though),
It seems to me to loosen up not only my physical tongue but also to use a weird metaphor the tongue of my mind in relation to ideas and their accessibility in the mind of the magician.


This one is a bit harder for me to pinpoint , but all i can say is that it effects the emotions of the magician , and it allows me to change my mind more easily when it comes to decision or if im being a stubborn bastard about something.That all i can really say about that.


Ok aside from me being able to actually feel the fire in me in terms of actual physical heat and getting really warm, this seems to motivate me to do things, like do goals or achievements and an energy that wants to be doing something and not sitting around, I feel this is also a sexual and passionate energy.
Which boosts the sex drive somewhat for the magician with can lead to spending that energy in ways that will get stuff done or sex.

I can not as easily see the external invoking changes made by the above 3 as easily as earth and to me these seem to be more about changing the mental and physical state of the magician.

Another thing i am curious about is , what is the difference in doing the LBRP or LIRP , and the forming of the containers(as in DMK’s MM or AWD’s LOO) of each element and inhaling them or sending them away.

Is it because the angelic or god names are not used and they effect only the magician more then the external world or am i completely wrong?

Thanks for reading.

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Going by everything I’ve been told, both in my white-light era and now, the natural tendency of the universe is towards More Life - more forms, more variety, more compexity.

Therefore, that which limits your own ability to live more, love/desire more, experience more, and so on, is usually considered negative and undesirable.

Although age will eventually limit these things, in the absence of disease, it will do so as a process of change from a physical and external focus, to internal mental focus.

This brings wisdom to make up for the lessening of drive and action, as you spend your final decade/s processing the actions you’ve taken, and turning them into insight and wisdom which will (ideally) be handed to future generations, so they begin with a higher level of knowledge, which in turn increases their ability to live, love, and experience, more than the generation before.

This is the natural order of things, and CAN be overcome (via baneful work or binding) but it’s how the universe and its forces kind of “like” to go, if that makes sense.

The rest, the LBRP and LIRP aren’t things I’m knowledgeable about, so someone else might be able to help with that. :slight_smile:

Have you tried these as well?

On google, while typing, cerain concepts where automatically shown
as propositions in regard with the pentagram/hexagram.
You should be able to find information on it.

I’d like to explore that myself asap -
Anyone - please share your experiences in the meantime

Knowing we all may have interests in dazzling, powerful and efficient effects -
would you also like to share what it does?

Order :

first the ***banishings from small to bigger -

A.of the pentagrams
B.and then the hexagrams

second the invocation from small to bigger -

A.of the pentagrams
B.and then the hexagrams

Banishing variables PENTAGRAM (PTG) / HEXAGRAM (HXG) :





Invoking variables PENTAGRAM/ HEXAGRAM