The Law of Concealment

In the latest newsletter from E.A, he talks about The Law of Concealment when undertaking magickal workings.

I’m wondering if it is wise to heed this law once you have your desires fulfilled and if it best to keep all your workings and results secret no matter what even with other magicians.

In a way I think it can be valuable to discuss results and workings with other practitioners after attainment but obviously keep things secret from all others.

How do you guys approach this and do you share anything with fellow magicians?


Depends on what your doing, most of the time its ok to talk about it after you get it imo.

I'm wondering if it is wise to heed this law once you have your desires fulfilled and if it best to keep all your workings and results secret no matter what even with other magicians.

It’s safe to reveal the intimacies of your ritual working and goal so long as it is with magicians who can empower you to achieve it.

For example, discussing your magick on this forum? Good idea.

Bragging on Facebook? Bad idea.


Well since E.A. makes his living writing from his experience I assume it’s fine once results are achieved. I have heard before and even seen E.A. make mention of this in his books that one should not talk about their workings. The person you tell could doubt your workings or ability, cause you to doubt your workings or results and other such conditions that could have an adverse effect.

I tend to discuss potential workings with others before conducting any new ritual just to put out ideas and get feedback. I talk about results to compare with others and the like. When actually performing a ritual I keep quiet about it, the only person I tell and that is not all the time is my fiancé and that is because it helps to ease her mind to know what I’m working with/on since I practice at home.

I think talking to other magicians is on an entirely different level than talking with those who don’t practice. If I choose to talk to other magicians they already believe in the power of magick and the ability to affect change. They understand how results manifest themselves in sometimes strange ways that others would dismiss. There is a coworker I sometimes talk with because he is interested in the occult, I may tell him about how I performed a ritual and the results that followed and he may ask how do I know it wasn’t just a coincidence and things of that nature. I can see how his disbelief could cause one to question one’s self, but there comes a point when there seems to be a awful lot of coincidence to take into account and that is the point where I think confidence replaces doubt more and more with each working.

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coming from a profession which values confidentiality (i.e, concealment), i would go so far as to say that being vague about a particular working is enough, if one feels the need to talk about it. that said, however, the “need” to talk about it should be for constructive purposes only, and not for bragging rights (as timothy pointed out).

essentially, there are a few circumstances where i believe it would be acceptable:

-The person you are talking to is also a magician of whatever sort.
-The person you are talking to can keep their mouth shut about your work.
-You don’t mention spirit names or specific details about the work.
-You don’t mention what the ritual was designed to being about.

for example, i feel it would be fine to say “i recently performed a ritual and three days later, i was told that the target had changed their mind about an important issue, ultimately in my favour”.

it wouldn’t be okay to say something like “last wednesday i evoked to help with my divorce proceedings and now decided to let me keep the sofa”.

names have power, and i believe that withholding that kind of information is (usually) enough to distance oneself from the specific ritual in question. that is, by being vague, the only place any connections exist are in your own head. perhaps not ideal since we’re always trying to forget about ritual so as to let it work, but if you have to talk about something, the less information given, the better. if you’re speaking to a magician and you’re trying to bounce ideas around, or to debrief over a recent ritual experience, then the motive is not one of self-aggrandisement (i.e, hubris).

kind regards, james.

I am of the school of thought that it’s ok to name an entity you work with so long as your being respectful and do so as a thank you to the spirit. I wouldn’t say "insert name is a real shit bag it agreed to get me a new car and fell through! If I were instructed not to speak of the entity or felt they would not approve then I would happily comply.

It’s s touchy thing to discuss.
Animosity or jealousy are latent in everyone so be very careful with who and what is shared simply because of the unconscious backlash from another.

Bragging and boasting is unremarkable, what is noteworthy is how someone has passed a block or seen things in a new way that works.

Seeing the latest video on evocation at EAs secret location was very meaningful and useful.
As an example it shows the target entity some technique and further explanation of what is sought and how left hand path is not all about hatred and destruction but pioneering.

Peace to all, and good practicing

EA wrote that burying your sigils/talismans/whatever after work is the best way to Conceal it, mostly because it act as a psychologic act of funeral.

  • What are your thoughts about burning your sigils after work?
    Isn’t the ultimate Concealment as it is now totally removed from the physical world?

AO Spare would bury his work but to allow it to manifest. It depends on how you see it or your intent.

AO Spare sowed the earth with his magic, but sealed it against rapid decay.

Certainly there can be a strong cathartic funerary release and return of the items of magick to the earth for recycling, or by fire as in cremation… Herein various aspects appeal more to each of us.

Had no clue about the law of concealment. Perhaps I updated a problem of mine a bit too early. Is there any way to delete a post once it’s been made?

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I can see sharing ideas or theories with other magickians, but is it wise to share things such as sigils one may have acquired from working with a certain entity? Is it wise to share any techniques u may have come across that you haven’t seen others use (if u got results, other wise it doesn’t matter)…I mean we are all trying to manipulate reality to our liking, conscious desires are bound to collide, and we human beings have to by nature seek control over one another…

That said I respect those who have shared and advanced the craft, because I wouldn’t have even known where to begin , let alone that any of this existed…but still, isn’t riskier if one is a lone practitioner and not part of a lodge and coven…Also, isn’t sharing certain things like…giving your power away???

I see secrecy as a part of what makes the craft sacred. However, one can hide something in plain sight by use of riddles or leaving something open enough for one to have to work , to really dig into what may be implicit but not explicitly written…they seem to
do this in books all the time, telling u what to use but NOT how to get it…

But really, if one shares something, whats to stop someone from sending a thoughtform to vamp off of what ur doing or something? And as long as one’s unconscious is connected to the collective unconscious, data can be unconsciously retrieved and techniques just all of a sudden picked up by someone else with no conscious awareness it came from u…doesn’t that also cause a conflict of interest…

I imagine one should hoard the power, less one get overtaken???I’m sure one can come up with ways around the hundreth monkey effect…I imagine any advantage u gain wont be urs alone …I suppose I can’t quite work out even if something can be retained in 100 percent secrecy, no mention of the fact that socially conversing online everything is wide open…I tend to share things that worked but i am no longer using anymore, but never what is occurring real time…My question i guess is because many people make videos showing u their technique, and I can’t help but imagine how much more power it would retain if never shared…Am I wrong in secrecy possessing more power than openness…granted one can always conceal by sharing, but omitting any deeper information that would give the viewer or reader insight as to the true implications of something…

I do think its a good idea to seek a spirit’s aid in concealing every operation u have ever done or will do…however, doing such means if u do talk about it, u are stripping yourself of power because ur word counters ur intention of secrecy, by merely talking about it…

Certainly if one is to cast a baneful spell, what ur target doesn’t know is more lethal, right? I use that as an example…I keep mulling over why groups who socially seek to assemble and do rituals to an aim seem not so effective…perhaps it’s do to a lacking secrecy???

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In “Introduction to Magic” by the Ur Group there was a sort of article on how it was good that some magicians used to share ideas, experiences… indeed, there is a modern and scientific interpretation of secrecy rather as interiorization of the magical knowledge, accumulating energy in the operator or, for example, closing the door and windows of the Temple to create an intense magical fied.


EA has some great advice it doesn’t pertain to BALG but going public generally and sharing your knowledge on Facebook etc. to non-practicing occultist.

I have received several visions to keep my occult knowledge secret. The law of concealment is a good idea as many will ridicule you with outright hostility from religious groups or devoted xians that will want to heal you if you boast about your practice or rituals. Or many who are cynics or people who would think you are crazy. This has happened to me on YouTube when I went public on a few vids and I received nothing but hate from dozens of people.


Internalization is an interesting take.

Concealment I imagine should be exercised against other magickians too I imagine???I mean we seem to be human beings (or it seems a rational assumption) and by nature we will slaughter each other for power, or try to influence others…so wouldn’t it be wise to keep a secrecy from human beings in regards to what operations or goals one has for their evolution…I imagine a lone individual could be targeted by another practitioner of a conflicting lodge, coven, etc???Humans being humans do not seem like trustworthy creatures to begin with is all im saying…

Interesting. Wasn’t aware that there was a discussed law about such. Thought it’s simply preferences of one practitioner from another, no actual terminology for it.

However, looking back at my workings I do agree and have consistently practiced this law for a long time unaware. I completely go into hermit mode and randomly disappear whenever I’m doing important workings. Frustrates LDR fam and friends who cannot reach me at all throughout those weeks/months lol. And it does bring me the results I need and more in the end. Also explains why I like filling up my BALG journal with past experiences, not in-development workings. The one time I slipped and let a friend knew I was doing a money manifestation working for her in advance, it all failed and she got even more broke.

I haven’t seen anything happen when I talk about it online afterwards though. I’m a bit open with my practices on Twitter and a proud tarot reader on FB. However, I still keep the most important details to myself.