The Last Jedi - any real magick in there?

(Potential Spoiler Alert) Just saw The Last Jedi. It was great fun and all that. In all the mumbo-jumbo about the Force, and Luke moping around on his island, did anyone pick up any pointers about real - not Disney - magick? I feel like there were some in there; somewhere, once you separate the considerable amount of chaff from the wheat. And the Porgs are really cute.


It a movie… A HOLLYWOOD movie…

There’s a thin line between being spiritual and going insane… there isn’t a hidden message in everything…

Now I am sure someone will come here and say something like “yea, I totally saw Belial mooning the camera in a scene”

Seriously guys!! The dead magicians of the middle ages are rolling in their graves…


Inspiration comes from where it comes from. When working through the OAA course I kept thinking “the deepest commitment, the most serious mind”. Or “control control, you must learn control” when trying to make that fucking pendulum swing - although that might be my subconscious taking the piss… we don’t get along. You’ll find that Tyler Durden resonates with a lot of LHP people, as so does the Joker(I’ve seen both connected with or used as a descriptor for Belial). If you come from a purely subconscious entities are a part of your own psyche perspective, or maybe a chaos perspective - there should be no reason you could not evoke old man Luke to learn from - although it seems he’s not in the mood.


did you know that princes william and harry played as extras (stormtroopers) in The Last Jedi? So there’s definitely a reptillian Illuminati influence in there… :laughing:

I once made a who lesson out of winnie the pooh…so anything can inspire and cause a light bulb to flip on in our heads.