The LARP/D&D-Thread

The acronym “LARP” has been mentioned quite a lot lately. Some people love it with passion glistening in their eyes, and others hate it so much that they get :poop:Tourette’s Verbal Diarrhea:poop: as soon as they sniff up on the topic. Isn’t that unfortunate?

So, I thought to myself: “Why not make a thread about Live Action Role Play, for the dedicated individuals that are figurately expressive when doing magic?”. And for the genuine L :heart: VERS of roleplaying and cosplay, of course.

"Henceforth and break the wall, you fools!!!


Do you have any interests in Live Action Role Play or Dungeons & Dragons? I don’t, so I can’t really give an input on the topic, but don’t let that discourage you from sharing. :slight_smile:


I play DnD every weekend! Nerds, UNITE!


used to dnd like every week, work got in the way, always played a ranger :joy: should try warlock next time


Normies LARP as wizards on their day off.

I LARP as a civilised human being, when really I just want to scourge people, and bind them in chains as demon chow.

Takes all sorts, eh? :innocent:


LARPing is a ton of fun! I played AD&D for years as a younger man, and I probably would still if there were like minded individuals around me to do it. In the town where my family lives a guy actually bought up a massive tract of land and opened a D&D ‘camp’, complete with fabricated dungeons, castle structures and employees who ran around in various costumes to simulate random encounters. It was awesome! Unfortunately it closed fairly quickly, both because of pressure from unenlightened locals and poor marketing.

@boredomkill5, I liked running a ranger as well, but my heart always will remain with the bard.

Favorite campaign settings? Krynn, with the occasional trip into the mists of Ravenloft.

I honestly do not feel that a real magickian who wears dramatic ritual garb during workings is LARPing. In what we do, creating the right feel for the operation at hand can have a profound, real world effect. LARPing does not, at least not beyond the realm of psychological wellness as an outlet. I never wore anything of that sort, but if I can I do like to do rites with minimal clothing because I have a tendency to get pretty intense sometimes, i.e. kneeling in dirt, rolling around on the ground, etc. I pissed myself once too, so there is also that. Laundry isn’t free, you know?


can i be the DM lol


I am a god role playing as a man role playing as an actor role playing as many different people.

Does that count as LARPing? :thinking:


Nice idea, contain them :wink:

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my latest character was a war cleric and i overkilled everything even a little frog in a bathtub rolled a perfect 20


Every Wednesday is D&D day with my sisters and there friends. Fun thing is they know I practice, but they don’t know the details. Awesome part is the DM has asked me a few questions related to magick to make it a little bit more realistic. Lol