The lack of a dismissal after Evocation

I searched through the threads of this part of the forum and I haven’t really actually found anything related to it, maybe its just not there!

So I raise this question as part of my own basic evocation practice.

What would likely transpire if, after evoking a spirit and you give it a task… instead of saying “return to whence you came.” You say something like, “remain here and fulfill your task.”

There is an implicit understanding of the possible implications of such a directive, but there is also the question of how long a spirit can linger while having a basis in the physical. Is it indefinitely or dependent on the capability of the operator?

PS: E.A, if you are reading this. Have you come across such occurrences or attempted such yourself? If so, would you have any accounts from personal observation that you would like to relate?

In my experience the dismissal is not a way to send the spirit out, but a way to let them know that you are done speaking. I wrap things up like an employer who has finished a meeting with an employee. Sometimes they stay around because their task requires there presence to be around me (Sastan and one of Belial’s underlings have stuck around me for a while because they were working with me to make adjustments to my energetic and physical body) and other times they leave because their target is far away. It just depends on what you need them to do.

I think that the base for physical manifestation is there for us to make contact with them. They can effect this world without having a physical base to manifest in.

In E.A.s. works, if you have had the chance to read them it’s really simple. “Go now into the world and kill all politicians” That’s the dismissal. It does not need to be dramatic.

You do know spirits can be in unlimited places at the same time, right? Reality is NOT objective. Space and time does not exist for them.

Yes but I see them come and go. It is part of the illusion of this reality. I am aware that they are everywhere and nowhere and do not need to “Appear before me and leave” But I chose to see it this way as it suits me.

When I evoke they (to my senses) appear and when I dismiss they (to my senses) leave.

Ah, I neglected to elaborate as it didn’t occur to me at the time.

Following evocation, it is not uncommon for there to be certain changes in the energy of the immediate area, depending on again the capability of the operator or what they were trying to do.

Thus, is the dismissal partly related to removing these or just what has already been said/known? Heck, I don’t even do this (area cleaning) myself since I’m generally unaffected.

But on lines of my original statements, it does increasingly appear that it all hinges on relative perception. Yet, that doesn’t feel very much like the absolute answer either. Which is why I am asking.

That is interesting. I have never looked at dismissal as being related to removing the energies from the operator and the area of ritual, as much as I have viewed it as a way to signal “Ritual ends here” to my mind. That very well could be the case. I know some orders instruct their adherents to banish before and after every ritual and the dismissal could very well be the start of the banishing (or at least signaling to the operator’s mind that the ritual is done and now is the time to get back to a baseline state of mind).

Very interesting question, I always feel spirits keep on surrounding us all the time, but through ritual we stablish kind of “walkie-talkie” communication

We “open the channel” communicate our message (if we are quite developed we get their own), thank them, and then “close the channel” (saying it’s over, crossing arms, clapping hands, or wathever sign)

For me it’s more a thing of us, than of theirs the dismissal, so we can get back to “reality” (being sleepy all day long is not good in daily life, and that’s what trance always brings in, at least for me. so we awake into our world)

Hmm, my suspicion is that most of us will want a convergence of our perceptions such that communication will become far easier.

Yet, despite the awareness that spirits are ‘everywhere’ and surrounding us. I’m always curious with why the notion of space trickles back to our perception. As in, sometimes people relate that they detect in spirit in direction A or direction B.

The same with how say, E.A relates to perceiving a manifestation of a spirit in a particular spatial direction or hearing things from particular directions. Maybe this is the psychology undergrad in me speaking, but the way the consciousness wires these perceptions (and how these perceptions can be changed) is a large basis of curiosity for me.