The Key to Creating Gods & Dark Gods

What seperates a God from any other spirit is the Amount of Energy and Power it contains.

How to Do It
Use any method of servitor Creation you are familiar with and Proceed as Normal.

You will need to push a critical mass of energy and power into the Body you are structuring just as in normal evocation. I suggest pushing it from every Chakra (internal) and from a Planet, Qlippothic Sphere, or Sephirothic Sphere (external). You could also use herbs, Wine, or Sperm/Pussy Juice (mmm pussy juice…yum) to build the body and mass of the God you are creating.
Creator Gods are excellent at this.

The Key Itself

You MUST see yourself as God, The Devil, or A Dark God and embody that power even if only momentarily and give that God its Eternal Task by the Power of your Own Name Alone.

(With a Yet to be created Dark God)

**Davilzo, The Infernal God of Darkness, I am Satan and I have created you to Rain Chaos and Destruction on this World. Your Eternal mandate is to Drown this world in the seas of Darkness and Weed out the Weak from the strong. I comission you by my own name as your Creator and after you do this for one Week you shall return to dust from whence you came. And none shall stop you, save myself.

So Be it!**

You can do this with Succubi, or Even yourself and thus become a God of whatever the fuck you want.

There you go.
Have at it :sunglasses:



● Evoke your Own spirit/Self and bind yourself to a Bowl or Vessel with required Elements in it to sustain yourself.

(This is dangerous because a normal soul doesnt last long like this. So do this quickly.)

● Proceed with the Steps mentioned above. And command yourself/Bestow upon yourseld that Mandate and Power, Eternal.

● Afterwards, Release yourself back into your body.


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