The InterQlipphot Video 1

Hi all,
after a few months outside the forum writing about this topic and working on new videos more “professional” in sound, etc leaving here some of the topics where I am working on…

Was wondering when you where gonna post again. Did I happen to hear you say that everything from Kether to Thamiel is in a sense infernal? This is a complex topic that I haven’t begun to grasp or am even 100 percent sure that such serious study is due, however it would be remiss to ignore a theme that runs throughout western occultism so strongly. Looking forward to more Korgon.

Yes, I said that, but Im not the first who said that. Its not “my” discovery, on this particular magick work im joining pieces and working on new rituals. The discussion is based on the topic if Zim Zum only creates the space for building the universe from mind to matter, or just a place to drop down things- But of course this is my opinion. im working on a second video