The Intelectual Property Olygarchie

(just to note: “the Order”, showed the same problem on Occult Media. While Balg actually opened up, and started including more Authors, Working together and combining Products, making the market more Consumer Friendly, at the same time, things go astray for seclusion. )

The complete System,
of Olygarchism,
is affecting various different area’s.

Another very known Oligarchy,
would be Oil Markets,
speaking especially of Gasoline for Cars.

Regardless which areal you look into,
the demands,
keep restricting needs and creation.

I know, that for decades this specific problem had been tackled from various people,
investigating themselves into the issue.


I don’t write this in intention to harm the Forum Rule,
against the advertisement,
and showing off paid products from competing Producers.

it does affect Knowledge and Entertainment distribution…

And how did E.A. speak about the issue of Knowledge restriction himself…

… Of course,
i DO NOT suggest killing of the Owners of Netflix, Disney, etc…

But, the Law system in that area needs a change,
that actually gives more reasonable exchange,
and allows smaller productions to be worth the effort going into it.

Indeed, currently, copyright goes longer than the life-span of an Author,
but also can only be paid for, and secured,
by those who already ARE successful.

it actually blocks progress and invention!



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