The Infernal Obelisk Rite - Ritual Video

The Infernal Obelisk Rite - Ritual Video.

The Rite Of The Infernal Obelisk - In this video I show “some” of the ritual of the infernal ritual relic, which anchors the heart of outer darkness, the dark singularity into this world. Through the ignition of the infernal obelisk upon a inverted pentagram placed on the infernal nexus urn.




Awesome video man, must say you have me very intrigued. And just a general thanks for sharing on YouTube, your channel really is gaining strength and loving it so far :metal:

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Thank you my Facebook page is where I do most of my interactions so check it out “The Infernal Obelisk” on Facebook.


Will do, thanks

Just watched this. Splendid work, Conner. Such a beautifully executed ritual. :slightly_smiling_face:

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can you please send me written instructions.
I really want to know how to do this

He posted the instructions for this ritual in one of his threads

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Am I the only one who noticed a slight change in eye color when he was calling Lilith? I wish I could have joined

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What part of the video was that again?

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"___"uhhhhh I think 6-7 minutes or after it was a glimpse then it moved to the next clip but since you all were calling on them it’s expected to see physical changes in ones self while doing it

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hey man, will the ritual still be effective if i do it now?

Methinks it is an ongoing, continuing Project to secure an induced Black Alchemical Current for the Infernal workers on Earth. So, go right ahead.