The Inconscious Card

Hi there,

In this thread I’ll speak about one Tarot tip I used and how it can be very powerful by telling you one experience I had with.

So, last week I bring this new girl home hoping to bang her, yeah. We had a little drink, small talks, then she saw one of my 2 Tarot deck that I wasn’t nor hiding nor specifically displaying. She asked me if I could read the cards for her. I’m always ok to practice since I’m still very new in this.

I tell her that the most specific her question will be, the clearer the answer will be. I give her a post-it and a pen to write her question.

It was: “What to do next?”

I smiled. Was she hitting on me, that’s too obvious… at the same time, we had a somehow deep conversation about her, why is she at my town and the fact that she still don’t know what to do after her trip here…

She wanted the question to be ambiguous, telling me that she’ll understand the cards and what I’ll tell her about.


I made her shuffle the card while thinking about her question, stopping when she feel to. Then I cut the deck and displayed the 3rd first cards in the easy PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE spreading.

PAST: The Hermit
Yeah, she came from a travel, for answers. She had overcome some difficulties to find her inner light.

Complete transformation is at play right now.

FUTURE: The Lovers
Cool! Yeah we will bang!! Hahaha!.. or so I thought.
Well… in the deck I used (The Surrealist Tarot by Ari Bach) The Lovers are displayed as two waxed weird things black and white starting to merge with each others.
The mergin of opposites… of what is known and unknown.

Well, I interpreted the cards how I could and she took notes about it. But it was quite blurry still.

Then, and here is the tip I told you about and that I learnt from a book by Jodorowsky (a well known “tarologist”), I tell her:
“I’ve cut the deck before the spreading. Now, the card that is just UNDER the deck represent your inconscious. The answer of the question you didn’t dare to ask. Would you like to see it?”

She did. And I took this card and put it just under the PRESENT card, the Death.

The drawed card was The Hanged Man.

And then she started to shake and cry, muttering that this was fucking fucked up and insane!!

After a few minutes she gain control and explained to me that she is currently sleeping, at the home of a part of her family she didn’t knew before, on the bed of one of her cousin that hanged himself just 6 month ago!

An Hanged Man under the Death… wow…

And in the Surrealist Tarot, The Hanged Man is drawed with head and arms under a surface of water.

She told me that this very cousin also drown himself last year and was saved in extremis.

Because of the drawing of this Inconscious Card all the spreading took a different meaning!

We went in agreement that she went (The Hermit) specifically into her family as an initiation (Death), and that she should try to merge (The Lovers) with the Unknown by trying to contact this cousin, just by speaking to him and experimenting.

That was intense.

I didn’t had sex, but whatever, I know now how powerful Tarot can be, even if the deck isn’t a traditional one (it’s even a cheap one but these cards do speak well to me).

Next time you’ll read cards, think about this Inconscious Card. But if you’re drawing cards for another, make sure he/she really want to discover what’s still hidden as it can be hard to be faced by truth.

HedoNNN, great story. You are right about “even the cheap decks talk to you”. One of the best readings I ever received from someone else was with a Lord of the Rings deck. I almost walked out when he pulled it out. Glad I stayed and got the reading. It was one of the best I have ever had. He was dead one with it.
Anyway, thanks for sharing that technique. I will try that for sure.

" I didn’t had sex " I’m very sorry for that bro…

I just wanted to keep an humorous tone to my post. :wink:

Well, if anything, you definitely gave her a mind fuck…or fucked with her mind, whichever way you want to look at it, i’m sure she will never forget you… :wink: lol…

No one forgot me easily. B)


Did you wear a “Mind Condom”?..jus’ sayin