The Importance Of Keeping Your Shit Together



Astral and psychic attacks. (And news of attacks, rumours, echoes. Whispers.)



If there’s one skill you’ll need in magick, it is the ability to keep your shit together - what my tripster friends call, “to maintain,” what the mundane world should call, “passing for nomal” - except, they hopefully don’t even know it’s a thing, that some of us do.

And it isn’t easy - with deeper possession work for example, it becomes like trying to sort black from red playing cards, when the deck represents your consciousness in every waking moment, and choosing the wrong card could mean, someone looking at you weird, labelling you as “odd” - or, worse, jobs lost, social services called, psychiatric admissions - all human hell unleashed upon on your sweetly demonic ass.

I wish I had a formula people could follow, a simple mantra to chant, but I don’t - you have to be kind of pig-headed, meta-stubborn, mulish - to know who, and what, you are (what you want as well) and then stick by that - no matter what currents flow through you, no matter what forces tug at you.

Be the ISA Rune - the steady standpoint of fixed and frozen time, selfhood, the lock that is upon the mass-observed spacetime perception.

Say yes only to what you care about.

Say no only to what you reject.

Be strong - make the shaman’s World Tree, your own spine.

And do be ready to change, but not overnight, not from one unverified personal gnosis - make anything that changes you, prove its worth, earn its keep in your mind, and soul.

Be YOU - and listen for the tides “in the affairs of men” as cousin Shakespeare had it, but don’t react like a trained dog, don’t be hyper-sensitive, attempt to remember in any situation, what you first got into it for, and don’t give up when shit gets weird.

Here endeth this lecture. :slight_smile:

Wow get out of my head lady lol that was creepy… In a good way… I actually seriously needed those words right now… maintaining my shit has not been easy as of late an yeah when things start to spiral out of control it’s time I checked myself an get back on track. Thanks… I needed this lecture.

Me too. That sort of felt like I was being scolded by a spirit speaking thru Eva, but that wouldn’t be the first time that has happened in the last 24 hours (me being scolded by a spirit). Trying to seriously get my shit my together, while remaining true to myself but still wearing that fake mask in public that says, I am normal and sane, nothing to see here, move along. LOL

Great post Eva. :slight_smile:

I also think while maintaining, it is good to keep in mind the bigger picture. sometimes we “react” instead of “respond” to circumstances or developments that occur with what we are working with. We may be tempted to radically change our approach or leave a situation…yet knowing when to change plans versus remaining steadfast is good practice. Knowing that a circumstance can change again encourages us to find focus within and not be led by external influences as much.

This theme of maintaining ones shit in a gagglefuck of turmoil has been very pronounced it seems for many folks lately. More layers are coming forth, and people may be struggling at times, yet finding a way into one’s core is so important in maintaining balance… and that may be a different process for each of us…owning and accepting all of one’s self completely, fully and without hesitation; interacting with the world through that strong core knowledge of self…and finding the dance that goes between authenticity and sanity vs the tipping point into presenting (seeming) madness…

Thankyou for the inspiration and the culorful spurn. :slight_smile:

I myself struggle with a major part of what you are describing. Though, I was just thinking of this and even posting. The balance of self and spectrum of self with the community and the true mundane bandwidth. In order to do what I do, without using sigils, tools, or chants (because I’m the living apparatus filled with spirit/soul), I must throw myself into a type of madness as I shift into spectrums which are wholly unrelatable to the common range of the day.

For the part of the human wishing to fit in will over relate to the universal consciousness attempting to make one’s own delivery more appeasing to the sense making mechanism rather than focusing on the true translation. Another part of my personal struggle is this concept which I have happened upon recently. , “the jealous moon god”. That is (to me), when I have felt wondrous inspiration and truly desire to share the wholeness of that to everyone. Only another part of myself will try to rise by fear corrupting my presentation into something written spitefully, even judging my very reader until the whole original stream is replaced by the ego. shrugs what a pain in the wahzoo right?